How to create high resolution 360 Panoramics

They like contrast to stitch properly, colours on yours are too ‘samey’

Is that a manual or auto stitch ?


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometime the software alignment is off a tad. It can be fixed in Photoshop. No, it’s not the drone.

With your Kuula 360, use “Single image” instead of “Create tour”, then you won’t get that black bar across the bottom.


Also, instead of using the standard url to post it here, use the ‘Share’ icon, then click ‘Get link or embed code’.


You can then change the size and set it to auto-rotate …

Finally, copy the html ‘Embed HTML’ tab code and paste it here.

And you’ll get something like this …


I pretty much followed the guide above using Autopana Giga and PS. Looked at a few other guides over the last few days but couldn’t get my head around them lol :exploding_head:

Pretty much need an idiots guide to anything new, case in point I google for an answer instead of coming to these forums first :rofl:

Try post the jpeg that the drone stitches for you see if it’s any better.

They are usually good enough files (quality wise) for mobile browsers

Thank you, that’s handy to know (I hate being a newb lol, I guess we all are in the beginning though :slight_smile: )

I assumed (incorrectly) that because the panoramic needed multiple images it needed to be a tour that I needed to make. Mainly because my first attempt I uploaded all the single images and tried to get Kuula to make the 360 image for me. :rofl:

So having made the images singularly, with DJI fly first then the method in this thread I continued making a tour instead of a single image like a numpty. :roll_eyes:

When I tried to add it to dronescene it said I had to do a single image there so you have helped me to suss that out now as well, so thank you again. :smile:

I did manage to fix it a bit in PS I think, although there are some unusual colours in the directly overhead part so I messed something up there too. :grin:

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Regarding the alignment issue, Chris @milkmanchris is correct. You do tend to see this crop up more often when the multiple DNGs are very similar, e.g. sky, sea, etc.

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Very strange I never made a negative comments on this thread as I think it’s great that Chris took time out to make a exceptional tutorial but my posts seemed to have been deleted.

like I said not a negative just a observation comment that this was done with mini 2 and it takes 26 shots to make a 360 panorama picture where the mini 3 I think is 35 pictures mini 3 pro and mini 4 pro take 36, mini 2 and mini 3 are same Photo Resolution so the tutorial might work the same and with the Mini 3 and no fill needed but I’ve never had the mini 3 so cannot verify resolution or fill. mini 3 pro 36 larger Photo Resolution and mini 4 pro even better 36 photo resolution 36 dng pictures.

Between mini 2 and mini 4 a lot of different dimensions and number of dng pictures that it would be overloaded at the above settings.

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The resolution of the images is a characteristic of the sensor.

The number of images is a consequence of the angle of the field of view.

As for deleted posts - as admin I would be able to locate them. There are none in this thread - of yours or anyone elses.

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No, it’s a good shout Mark. This post was 3 years ago and tech has moved on. If I get time ( :rofl: ) I will try to refresh this tutorial with the Mini 4 Pro.

That said, the native DJI stitching has improved since the Mini 2. Gone is the big UFO directly above, replaced by authentic looking sky. Although, they (DJI) still opt for using the low quality, high compression JPGs. So it would be interesting to see how the above process compares.

As Dave @OzoneVibe has mentioned, there are no deleted posts in this thread. Perhaps you’re overdoing it at Yellowstone. Chill man, get yourself a 2 up, 2 down … and sell Yellowstone to me for a bargain :wink:

Thanks chris, i must have posted in another thread reference aame topic.

Maybe it’s a retirement home i need to look at.

Dont talk about homes as ive been fleeced once again by my tenant and the fuffing local estate agent i trusted to manage it.

Edit: i look forward to new tutorial for mini 4 pro as like the last one was easy to follow then youtube videos, the way you explained the RC hack was simply explained for a thicko like myself :joy::joy::joy:

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