How to lose a mavic pro the easy way

Last Thursday I took the drone to the post office counter at my local Spar shop so it could be sent to the DJI repair centre in Holland. I nearly fell over when I was charged over £58 for the next day service.

On Friday morning I checked the tracking information that showed only an advised status. I contacted Parcel Force Worldwide and asked why this was the case, many hours later they got back to me and claimed the post office had handed the parcel over to Royal Mail and not them.

Royal Mail are saying they have no record of the parcel as it is not one of their tracking numbers, in short no one can tell me where the drone is.

It now looks like I am going to have to wait the required time and make a claim, really gutted this has happened, I might have been able to get over a fly away, but finding this situation a bit hard to swallow.

Try tracking number here…

It may pick up as RM seem to have problrms from time to time with their tracking…

or here.

Thanks I have tried them both with no luck, they did find the tracking number but state its not yet in the Parcel Force system. this is correct as they have never had the parcel due to the post office mistake.

I came to the conclusion sometime ago that Royal Mail are not fit for purpose.


The thing is I did not use them to send the drone, I do know the parcel Force driver called to pick it up when it seems it was discovered the post office gave to the Royal Mail driver earlier. what happened to it next I am unable to find out.

Probably irrelevant now but did you not want to send it to Drone Doctor instead of DJI?

Postage might have been cheaper :confused:


Hi Dave

I lost a telescope and tripod recently with ParcelForce and accidentally found this lady in the CEO Office. I don’t know how I got to her dept.
Anyway, She was absolutely incredible. Found both parcels and redelivered them to the correct addresses, without tracking info. She worked on it for 2 days and sorted everything.
Her email is
You wouldn’t find her through the normal customer service route. I was on the phone for a couple of hours initially.
If you email her and tell her I recommended her after the telescope and tripod incident, she may remember. My surname’s Holder, Andrew Holder. Worth a punt maybe?
Good luck.

Vicky Hare
Executive Customer Service Team
Parcelforce Worldwide CEO Office


Hope it gets resolved promptly.

Mr Holder, we’ve been expecting you :wink:


I worked for RM, would not trust them with my wheelbarrow!!


Sadly at the time I was unaware of this service or I would have used it.

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Its not just the post office. I sent a GoPro back to Holland via dpd about two months ago. Itd been sent back to me twice now because of inadequare paperwork from GoPro. Its an absolute farce sending and receiving anything from the EU since Brexit because the gov haven’t made it plain what paperwork is required.


I spent a lot of time on the phone with Parcel Force yesterday. They have stated it is not their problem as they never picked the parcel up from the post office.

Royal mail also said it’s not their problem as it is not one of their parcels, yet the post office claim they picked it up by mistake.

I have kept onto the post office where I took the drone who has just wanted to keep passing it on to parcel force and royal mail. This morning they told me they have passed on the information to a post office manager and I am now waiting to see the outcome of that.


I live in Paignton Devon and just received a phone call from the Parcel Force depot in Plymouth. The drone arrived there from the international hub this morning with the tracking information that the parcel arrived in the UK at 23.35 last night. Strange as I do not believe it has ever left the UK

The person I spoke said due to a search being done someone decided to just send the parcel back to me, in fact the latest tracking shows it was being loaded to deliver to me.

There is no tracking information before the very first one at 23.35 last night, a week from when I took the parcel to the post office, when I checked last night the tracking was still showing as advised meaning it had not been picked up from the post office.

The lady I spoke with this morning said she will create new labels for the parcel and get it sent on its way and will get someone to phone me with the new tracking number.

On the plus side at least it has been found and hopefully will get to its destination.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It will end up in Northern Island then make its way to ebay where you can bid on it… Don’t ask me how I know.

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@Kellybob What are you saying about us Ulstermen :wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Three weeks ago I made that trip to the post office to get my Mavic Pro sent off to DJI. A one day targeted service that cost the earth. During that time my parcel has had three different tracking numbers and I recently found out was not sent in the end on the Global Express service but the euro economy service which costs a fraction off the price.

Customer service has been a joke and I really feared I would never see the drone again. The tracking still shows this morning that the parcel is in some depot in Holland and being prepared to be send out for delivery. But late yesterday afternoon I received an email from DJI informing me they now have the drone.

I have informed Parcel Force that is has been delivered and started a claim on the postal costs, but I will never trust them with any other parcels in the future. I do feel DJI should have an authorised repairer here in the UK, it would save us from such problems as the one I have experienced.

Drone Doctor is the only DJI-recommended repairer in the UK and while they’ll repair your drone, they won’t replace it.

Alas, DJI Care Refresh is a simple swap-for-a-refurbished type service that involves it going on an overseas holiday :confused:

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I thought they arranged collection/shipping?