Hubsan X4 - help with RTH, please?

Hi all,
A typical load of newbie questions here from…well, a newbie!
Briefly, I have the above Hubsan and yesterday on a test run I pressed the RTH option on my iphone app (I prefer to use the controller but it seems that you have to use both?) and it said something like ‘unable to use RTH due to lack of signal’, or something like that.
I previously used a Potensic and this would RTH each and every time I pressed the RTH button?

Also, what can you do about a drone when it goes out of wifi signal and you can’t see footage on your phone? Does this option always rely on wifi?

Thanks, all.

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What is the exact model of the Hubsan? Didn’t know the X4 could be controlled by an app.

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Haven’t a clue about the Hubsan but that doesn’t stop me wading in with advice …

RTH normally happens on flight controllers and drones so equipped when signal is lost for longer than a specified time, battery is low or the RTH button is pressed by the operator. The first two options have to be set in software - at least on all the controllers I have used

There may be an option in the Hubsan software to set the behaviour if signal is lost for more than (user specified) seconds - Hover (why?), :and immediately (not so clever if you fly over water a lot) or RTH. There should be similar options for what to do when battery levels fall below a certain (user specified) percentage.

Or I could be talking bo****ks :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this.
According to the Amazon order, it is [Hubsan X4 AIR H501A


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One of my naive questions would be - I always thought that you would always set your RTH to fly to max altitude, then RTH? But I see that this isn’t so obvious after all?

Not max, but a hight that your drone will safely clear all objects on its way back to you.

Too climb to maximum height you will use time and battery power. If you are flying somewhere flat then there is no need to go to 120m before returning. Theoretically you should always be flying in Visual Line of Sight so that there will be no obstacles higher than the aircraft - they would block the view. 60 meters is a good height as you will not fall foul of the 50 metre rule if the direct flight back means passing over a person or building.

There have been cases of people flying under btidges or trees and losing signal. The aircraft is programmed to RTH after a couple of seconds and rises to RTH height. There tend to be no collision avoidance sensors looking up …

So you need to have an appreciation of what the aircraft will do in certain situations and to adjust the settings accordingly

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Wow, thank you for this, This has educated me.
I still haven’t got to the bottom of why it told me that RTH wasn’t an option at that time?

Also, please can someone help me with this - is there a rule of thumb for how far wifi reception is? I am so tired of losing visual connection on my phone when I am flying?

Never used it but I believe that it isn’t very far. I’m sure that someone will tell you within a few feet but I assume that it cant be much more than a couple of hundred yards.

I didn’t know anything about the 501A Plus Wifi till now, bought a standard 501A for £100, used, about a year ago, never mind Scotland 1 - Yorkshire 0.
Anyway, one Amazon reviewer mentions having problems when both phone and Tx are connected to the drones WiFi, but when phone is connected to just the Tx/controller WiFi instead, all problems gone.

Wait, so I don’t have to rely on wifi to see real time footage on my phone?

I have a Hubsan Zino, not quite the same model but should be somewhat similar. On my Zino the only thing that will stop RTH from working is if you skip the GPS calibration at the begining of the flight. I have to power up the drone, let it grab some satellite locks, connect my phone to the controlled via USB cable and power on the controller. I then have to put the controller close to the drone and bind the controller to the drone. At this point it does a GPS test. DO NOT SKIP THIS! Make sure you get a good GPS reading showing at the top left in the app and RTH should work fine.

You do need the wifi for the video stream. My Zino on paper has a wifi range of 1KM although I’ve yet to fly more that a couple of hundered meters away. I’ve never had a dropped signal.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Fishlex,
Thanks so much for this, this is really helpful. You are right - I didn’t calibrate!! I used to have a Potensic drone and that automatically asked you to GPS calibrate it but this Hubsan didn’t ask me. Thank you for this!!

As for video stream - ahhhhh so have I got the settings on wifi instead of another option? What is the other option I need?

Hi guys,
Just wondering if I can have a bit of help on this?

Just bumping this?

I have the Hubsan x4 h501s air but no WiFi but pro remote. I think with hubsan there steady drones but do have few malfunctions at times. Mine did fly away twice but got it back and luckily there strong so still work fine.
Other than that and no gimbal its great. Good Calibration in these hubsan are really important. Nearly every flight I Calibrate.

Not really sure what you mean by this? As far as I know on my Zino, the app can be set up to use either bluetooth or wifi to connect to the drone. You want it on wifi as bluetooth has VERY limited range. Once the app is on wifi you should be good to go. What problem are you having, no video signal?

This is brilliant, thank you! Being as I am a newbie, I’m afraid I don’t understand the ‘gimbal’ thing?

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The Gimbal is the Camera on a axis so when the drone moves the gimbal stabilises the camera or along those line. Im no expert. How many times have you flown it?

Hi there,
Yes, no video signal after a certain altitude or distance. I must find out what the threshold seems to be. So should wifi work even when you are 500 meters away?