Huddersfield Calling

Good morning guys. If you’d told me 6 weeks ago that I’d be looking to get involved in ‘droning’ (not sure if that’s what it’s called, but our lass thought it was appropriate!), you would have been met with silence.

Working from home, and with a lot more time on my hands than I should have, I was trawling the internet for new hobbies and I came across ‘droning’ - something I’ve always thought would be great to do, but taken no further . As I did more research I found that drones were being used commercially and I got the seed of an idea, which began to grow into a low growing weed. To cut a long story short, I can do this both for fun and also it being a very useful tool for future work opportunities.

So, as it stands, I have no experience of flying drones, model planes, model cars/boats etc. A complete virgin. I’d love to get some advice from you guys to get started and find out where I can get involved locally. What type of drone should I start with? What do I need to know?

I know there’s not much going on at the moment, but when there is I want to be ready to go.

Cheers, Chris

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Welcome Chris, another Yorkshire lad here, Leeds by birth now out a bit further North (but now too far).

Loads of places out your way for flying, and a good lad in @mickydd on your doorstep, whom I’ll sure will be along soon to say hello.

Great bunch here, don’t be afraid to ask any questions, and share your work ;o)


And another Welcome from God’s own :grinning:

Like @milkmanchris said @mickydd is a top banana, i have been flying with him and become good friends,

Enjoy the site lot of top info from top guy’s :+1:

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Welcome Chris @CMC62
I am over in Halifax, I come over to Huddersfield regularly, particularly like flying up at Castle Hill. As soon as things allow, just drop me a line and happy to meet up. You can have a fly round with my gear.
Stay safe mate. Fingers crossed we can get out soon

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Thanks for the welcome Chris. Looking forward to becoming part of the drone club and contributing whenever I can. Looking forward to going out and learning to fly.

Alright fella (raider64). Thanks for your welcome from gods own country. I look forward to chatting with you guys, picking your brains, and hopefully being able to contribute in the future.

Hi Micky,
‘Good lad’ and ‘top banana’ - you come with very good references. Good to meet you. I live in Newsome, just below Castle Hill. I regularly run and walk up there. I imagine it’s a cool place to fly. And I will get in touch as soon as we can get out and fly. Any tips you can give me about a starter drone?

Newsome, know it well.
Starter drone? That’s a difficult one, depends on budget and where your interests lie, photography, videography or just flying round.
It’s the latter for me.

I really like the original Mavic Pro, still plenty around, when we meet up you can have a fly of my Mavic 2.
Keep your eye on the For Sale section on here, might be something suitable.
Am sure others will have their own opinions, for me, I like all the DJI products.

Let us know how you get on


Like you did with mine, ragged it’s arse of in sports mode lmao :rofl:

Fuck that for a game of solders :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome Chris.

Welcome Chris I’m sure you will enjoy this mad bunch of pilots :joy:

Welcome Chris :grinning:

A very warm welcome to GADC Chris from another of the many Chris’s on here.
Believe me you are in exactly the right place as a virgin drone pilot.
We love to pass on our knowledge, which I can assure you ,there is a lot of on here !.
Fire away with any questions, advice that you require ,we have a great bunch of guys on here who are all willing to help, in any way we can.
We look forward to your input on the posts and you can pick up some very useful tips and tricks from other members, so just fire away with your queries.

Mainly walk to be honest…

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Cheers fella. Feeling at home already with all the welcomes and offers of support

Cheers Natts for the welcome.

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Thanks for that welcome Chris. I have no doubt that I will need to lean on you guys quite a lot to get to where I want to with flying; and then be able provide support myself when I can.

Cheers Dave. I look forward to getting to know you chaps better and becoming a positive contributor to the club.

Don’t worry about leaning on these guys they are sooo helpful and actually I get the feeling they get a buzz out of propping up all us with L plates on as well as an operator number :joy:

:flushed: what…! Chrisjohnbaker, Your name is Chris?
Well I never, you could knock me over with a feather. Why didn’t somebody tell me?
Ahhh wellll.
Aye up Chris, yor 8 pal?

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