Hull fair site by drone, being built this week

The famous Hull fair opens Friday and it currently taking shape, its an absolutely massive fairground. This is a little fly around the site white its deserted at 8am this morning.
There are loads of rides still to be assembled and lots to arrive.

Iā€™m planning on going Friday night for the first time ever. The main objective is to get some photos & footage.
I live in Grimsby but work in Hull and a work colleague has advised to use the official car park.

My concern about taking the drone up in the dark is other drones being up there at the same time.

Do folks use the available apps to state their flights that I can use before going up myself?

Just worried about a collision.

Any advice welcome.

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You also have to be careful about your flight path due to the sheer amount of people that go to it. So you would have to fly outside the actual fair site.
And there is a live railway line running down one side
And you can only fly over part of the site due to a NFZ around the footy ground

I did my flight at 8am on a Sunday so was simpler.


Only a DJI thing, and easily modded out o;)

Cheers for the info

I definitely wouldnā€™t fly over due the amount of people that would be there and was already of the mindset of being on the outskirts.

Maybe look at just taking photos and a hyper lapse or two.

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