Hull Fair video 2021

Hull Fair 2021 not the best video but just a quick film. I was focusing more on photos. Hope you enjoy tho.


Great video. The colours are amazing.

I wonder how much it is for the tall spinny thing.

I would want at least £20 to even consider going on it :thinking:

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Nicely done and music to compliment :+1: :+1:

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Thank you. Yeah I remember that song always been played at the fair back in the 90s :grin:.
Local Hulllive which is a newspaper website are posting my video with credit.

Strictly regulated but they don’t mention the regulations !!

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Flying over the fair yes I agree could be dangerous. I did not fly over the fair I was streets away. Video was zoomed in areas. You can’t actually fly that close anyway to hull fair due to Kc stadium in the dji software cannot even take off.


Yours might not :wink:

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Same Newspaper website but loving footage :rofl:


Been back to Hull Fair there not kidding now need air traffic control for the amount of drones large drones, fpv all over the fair.