Humber Bridge Meetup - April 9th (Easter Sunday)

Hope I get this right. Proposed date of April 9th (Sunday) - I think it’s the Easter Weekend.

I’ve personally not met any of you at all, so it would be nice to put a face to a name.

What do we think?

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Added the date into the title for easy reference. It can be edited should the date change. :+1:

Apologies on this one, I’ll be away in the sunshine , hope it all goes well calling out @group-yorkshumber

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Sorry down in Smoke for that week. . . :disappointed:

Let’s try to get an idea of how many can make it :smiley:

Humber Bridge / Hull MeetUp April 9th 2023 (Easter Sunday)
  • I’m coming :+1:

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Maybe. For the bando. Not sure yet though.

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I’ll lend you a Mavic for The Bridge :grinning:

I’ll show you how to not crash it! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

We’ll show you how to get silverware

We’ve got lots thank you!

For Real :wink:

They can get their own

I’m going to try and make it. Probably will be an early start for me but that’s fine.

Its now in my diary !

Just noticed this, is it a one day or more then one day. Considering it, just gotta see what we up to so any info would be cool. Apologies if the information is readily available and I am just too thick to see it. Soz… x x

Will you be meeting on the North side (Hull) or the South side?

Hi foley just one day not weather north or south bank first but I’m sure we all can sort that out shortly

One day only, and meet up on the South side… plenty of free parking near Far Ings. Good cafe too

Do you have w3w for the meeting point please?

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