Hunstanton and Brancaster, Norfolk with mavic air 2

A few pics from my last trip to Hunstanton and Brancaster, in Norfolk. Love this place.


Awesome pictures. I live in Marham and have the Mavic Air 2… thinking of heading over soon


Great pics of a lovely area

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Great photos :+1:

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Great set of photos :+1:

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Thank you, very much.
Literally around the corner. I love it around here and to use the drone makes it even better.

Thanks you, but yes, the area is amazing :star_struck:.

Thank you very much :blush:

I really appreciate it. Thanks :pray:

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Really lovely photos. So much interest in them!


Thank you @geoff. I appreciate the kind words. :pray:

Nice pics, spent many a boyhood weekend in Sunny Hunny then as an adult discovered the delights of Old Hunstanton and Brancaster.

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Thanks. It’s a great part of the country. We usually go there at least once or twice a year. This time we stayed in Old Hunstanton, but been around a there little.

Cracking photos. I’ve been meaning to check out that wreck for a while. There’s a bit more to it than the Fernebo over at Cromer!

Brilliant :clap:.

Thank you very much.
I’ve been once to Cromer, and I must admit I missed the shipwreck. I surely will have to check where it is. But yes, this wreck is quite complete and been so close to the lighthouse is quite easy to find.

Thank you very much :pray:

Great set of pictures I be up that way in June and will bring my mini2 with me

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Thank you.
There is so much to explore around here. Mini 2 will be great over there. So many locations……

A very nice set - I haven’t flown very high as yet and your images give me inspiration for some time in the future - thanks for both.

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If you do go then it’s visible at low tide on the beach between the pier and Overstrand. Just about where the beach huts end of memory serves…

Made a video about it last year, which of course I will now shamelessly plug… :joy:


Nice video and if you ask me, always great to share.

Btw. Look what my very thoughtful wife bought me when we went to Cromer:

Slowly you build confidence and with the MA2, been so solid on the air, you’ll be doing it in no time. Looking forward to some posts of pics. :wink:


Amazing shots. I was up there a couple of weeks ago, only to realise afterwards permission is needed from the National Trust to fly a drone over there. I want to go back there again in a few weeks and wondered if anyone managed to get permission? Or do you just turn up and fly?

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