I am a idiot

Only had my Mavic pro a few week but this evening had brilliant sun set and amazing tree colours. Did all the slow yaw movements, kept touching screen to focus, kept exposure setting right. Pity you can’t see it …I forgot to pres record :rage::rage::rage:


If only people that had never done that were allowed to stay in GADC … there would be a massive echo in here.

Did the same (albeit P2/GoProH3 days) when in Sardinia for WRC.
As much as I pleaded, they wouldn’t re-run the stage.
(I was on TV tho!)

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Join the club, I think most of us have done that at some time.
I blame it on my age.

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Ahhhh mate, we have all been there at some point :rofl:

And I’d put money on every one of those flights ending with a, “Oh for :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sake!!!” :smiley:

Welcome to Grey Arrows my friend :+1:

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I like the auto record feature in Litchi (and the voice prompts) that minimise daft schoolboy errors due to my age ;o)

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@honks7777, for your basic blunder and heroic admission of it GADC’s prized Plonker badge has been added to your account details. Don’t worry, you’re in good company, I am also a holder of this honour - for sticking my hand into rotating prop blades. :smiley:


Thank you I feel honoured :joy::joy::joy:

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