I guess it was bit on a windy side

Only time the wind impacted on footage is during hovering still (slight wobble).

I didn’t have the balls to fly in the wind yesterday, when the trees in my garden are bent more than 45 degrees it’s a no fly day. 46mph gusts in my area and the tipi tent that the kids slept in on friday night and “forgot” to pack up is now ruined with its contents strewn across the garden and hedges :rage:

I wouldn’t go out in that kind of weather either. Funnliy enough, it wasn’t (or didn’t feel) that windy in the town so I didn’t think it much when I left. The area I was flying is on the coast and a couple mile walk away and alhtough it was windy, it didn’t feel too bad. I stayed fairly low most of the time and kept eye on the wind warning in the controller. What was interesting was that at above 50 metres, the wind was weaker (at around 20 - 22 mph).