I passed my CAA GVC Flight Test

Hi All today is a good news day, just passed my CAA GVC Flight Test. that was the last hurdle to getting CAA approval, got to say I learnt so much well worth the journey.


Nice one :+1:t2:

Thank you, I’m glad it’s done I can get on with flying for fun now instead of just train flights. Loving the photos and the video on this site.



Thank you :smiley:

Nice one, well done :+1:

CONGRATULATIONS i have just started out how many hours of flight does it take

Just or the GVC I logged about twelve hours but you can pass with less, its all about currency for the CAA. This was right through the original lockdown so it was hard enough to get the twelvehours at the time.

Since then I have also passed my A2CoFC which was quicker although the exam questions I thought were harder. Still only one answer wrong which was the about air pressure at airports QNH vs QNE felt it was a bit of a trick question really as we generally do not fly at airports without extra permissions.

Your well on the way, cannot wait to get started

@Ultrazapp Well done mate!

I completed my A2 CofC earlier this year, and started my GVC shortly afterwards.

I’ve just got the flight assessment to complete, and then I’m there.

How did you find the assessment? Any tips to share?



Nice one