I thought I was seeing things

Something caught my eye this morning as I left the house. I did a double-take as I thought I was seeing things. Some wag has placed a fake cat near the top of the telegraph pole behind the house opposite mine. Nikon D200 18-200mm VR lens.


its trying to catch the I asume also fake bird perched on the ledge just above it… if the bird isn’t fake then thats just nature making your photo a hell of a lot better :rofl:


or the cat had been placed there to try and scare the birds away from landing there… :thinking: in witch case it’s not doing a very good job as under closer inspection there are several birds on the top of it :rofl:

I think someone just put it there for a laugh, it’s not annoying the birds in the slightest. This photo was taken a bit later. :laughing: