I’ve noticed a big difference

I was originally on the ‘Mavic Pilots, forum which is a USA based forum and was invited to join our U.K. happy band…and what a difference. I have noticed our American cousins posts on their site rapidly degenerate into verbal fisticuffs, even when someone is asking for help.
Our site is typically British I suppose, with a bit of gentle ribbing taken in good spirit, but so friendly and helpful at the same time.
Anyone else noticed this phenomenon. Or is it just me reading things wrong?


I’m with you.

I find myself logging in daily just to see what is going on… it’s a great group.

I do still look at yuneec pilots. From time to time. For a giggle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I am the same @Brian !, there was too much banter that really was nothing to do with drones at all, catty remarks!, Snide comments, etc ,etc ,etc, I could go on all day !!
On here, great bunch of Guys (and probably Gals) talking about things that just about everyone can relate to, simply because we are in one country, not spread half way round the world !.
Please keep this Club friendly !
Yes, we all have our thoughts on different subjects, but, it is nice to be able to have a laugh and joke between each other with no malice aforethought.
Nice to be with you Guys ALL of you, here’s to a happy GADC !!!.
And, it has been my great pleasure to meet up with several of you in the Past, and ,I hope to meet up with lots more of you in the future !!
Great Work Moderators!, keep it up !

P.S. I have also steered several people I know “from the other side” to join our Happy Band !!


Since being invited on this forum , I haven’t bothered with the US at all.
It takes a lot of self opinionated morons to elect a self opinionated, narcissistic, moronic megalomaniac for president and the thought that I may be conversing with any one of them is quite repugnant.
Is it ok for me to say that ?


Bit harsh on ping.spike that but i take your point.


Like it!! Hope the CIA aren’t reading that…
Oh! There’s a knock at the door…

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He’s come from “The Dark Side”

I agree with the posted comments but I also find the sheer volume of posts on the us site too great.
I so enjoy reading posts in our forum that I rarely look elsewhere

And the lack of advertisements … HEAVEN !!!



We’ve all got @PingSpike to thank for that.

He has put his heart and soul into this site and it really shows.

For me its not having to listen to “FAA” and “State farm” in every bloody thread. :rofl:

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With you on that one Callum. Almost every post. And heaven help anyone who asks for advice, it’s like a bear pit.
I was considering a trip to the USA but decided to go to Rome instead, at least the Italians are funny crackers as opposed to angry crazy.


I gave up Mavic Pilots over a year ago, although I’m not an active poster here these days I do visit most days to catch up. It’s a pleasure to not be bombarded with the USA FAA 107 State Farm threads


The start up videos for the air have been helpful

I posted over there a while back saying it was a shame people seemed to feel the need to be so vindictive. There are some very helpful people over there, some are very knowledgeable, but they get lost in an avalanche of spite. I lurk much, but say little.

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I’ve limited my participation on MavicPilots to skimming through the weekly digest … sometimes (4 unread … oh, 5 unread) and one post in almost a year.
The “almost a year” happens to be how long since I joined here … and is no coincidence. :+1:

PS: If I was a moderator there (fat chance!) … I could have so much FUN!! :partying_face:


I don’t even bother with mavic pilots, I get all my drone related chat here. Why go any where else.


Me too, this is my one stop Drone club.

Met some great guys and all the help I need.


I find mavic pilots forum miles better than this one. Gray arrows is just too general.

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Have they just let you out for the day?:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In which ways is MavicPilots specifically superior?

I think what we have to remember as well is, other sites are generally just help forums.

The goals of GADC is to be more than just a forum.

We are a club and every one of you are a big part of it and help to shape it for the future.

We’ve all gotten to know each other and even put a few faces to names through club meets etc.

Personally I can see a great future for GADC and it’s thanks to each and every one of you.