I wonder what’s coming?

Hmm, interesting. I’m assuming it won’t be a new Mavic so close to the launch of the Platinum (though don’t quote me) or an upgrade to the Spark, which is also fairly recent. That leaves up upgrade to one of their higher end drones, a totally new drone or some kind of hybrid product, possibly. Six days and we’ll know

Im thinking some kind of Prosumer unit, a scaled down Inspire or a Phantom 5 with Osmo Combo

Sphere mode for the Mavic?

The best marble I had as a kid looked like that :wink:

Lol, showing your age now @StevenPSCC :smiley:

We used to play marbles on these in the street and playgrounds:

Those were the days :smiley:

You played in the streets? Now who’s showing their age? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: