Identical file names written by DJI Mini 2

Am I missing something here ?
I’m finding identical file names being written in different folders.
100_0115>DJI_0001.jpg, DJI_0002.jpg, DJI_0003.jpg, etc
100_0116>DJI_0001.jpg, DJI_0002.jpg, DJI_0003.jpg, etc

Trying to import them into Lightroom fails because of the identical file numbers.

There seems to be no option in DJI Fly to change this behaviour that I can find. Do I really have to go through and rename everything before I can import the images into LR ? Possible, sure, but it shouldn’t really be necessary.

I had the same issue, this is how i got around it

In the file Handling panel on the right side of the import window, dont select Dont Import Suspected Duplicates

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Thanks, I understand that option, but it doesn’t get around having multiple files with the same name on the system.

I think most people rename en mass as part of the workflow for easier filing.

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I’m not professing to know the answer to your problem but i do know why it is happening.

The naming/numbering goes up in increments and starts at base again every time you format the memory card. (hence identical frame labels). the longer you leave the card alone the higher the frame count… if there was some internal counter as there are on some digital cameras (on the Mini mainboard for example) it could if you wanted, allow the counter to continue numbering on from last time any card was inserted, even if a memory card was formatted.

It doesn’t though…

My workflow overcomes this as I create a folder (after each time I fly and record anything on my Mini 2) on my PC’s HD with either a name of where I went or the date and copy everything over in one go. After confirming it has actually got there and readable, I format the card in the drone the next time it is fired up… (just my routine)


Oh wouldn’t it be nice to have a similar system as almost all DSLR’s have, where the numbering just continues from where it left off, even if you delete eveyrthing and format the SD card… I myself have no problem renaming files, but yeah, I don’t see that it would be that difficult for DJI to address this, even to the point of allowing the user, to select a prefix each time they fly, for example “Area flown” or “Date” etc and the system would append _0001.jpg, _0002.jpg and so on.

Perhaps it isn’t something DJI have never considered and/or not enough people are contacting them to request such a feature/firmware update

Absolutely, I’d assumed this was a setting I couldn’t find. It’s astonishing that it’s not an option.

There’s also the issue that some options can’t be discovered or accessed unless the whole system (phone+controller+drone) are all powered up. Having to waste battery power (and risk a static drone getting too hot) just to wade through menus options seems another failure of design too.

To the best of my knowledge, and in almost 5 years of experience, if you format the card in the drone (which is highly advisable for other reasons) you don’t lose the numbering.
Yes - after 999 it starts again, which cannot be avoided.

If you formatted elsewhere, you can “set the start number” if you wish … by copying back the last file you copied off, into the correct folder. It sees this and starts with the next number.


Obviously if it’s a drone setting you want to ‘adjust’ then I can’t see how it can be possible to access the feature without all 3 being powered up?

That’s not correct. As in the OP above, each panorama folder will create files inside with the same file name.

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Panoramas have folders that follow the main pic/vid sequence. That’s needed by the app/onboard firmware for stitching and, in any case, why would you ever remove from their folder. The folder is there for a purpose … to keep them together.

The options could be available in the app and any changes made cached and uploaded when next connected.
When the app’s options are so poorly documented it’s just daft not to allow a degree of ‘discoverability’ from allowing users to see all the options available without wasting battery power.

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This isn’t relevant. The issue is that creating multiple files with identical file names isn’t good practice. It’s a bad choice by DJI.

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Take it up with DJI, then.

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Do you have an example of a device that has this ability ?

I now use Digikam to copy the files from SD card to PC, configured it to rename the files on import to include the date, time & folder name. No duplicates.

You could use something like Digikam to import to PC and import from there to Lightroom.


I’m pretty sure DJI’s Ronin gimble has this feature.

That looks quite a powerful package. At a first look I can’t see how it can retain folder structure and rename files in sub-folders.
Maybe a bit over complicated to use just as an image importer and re-namer.

It doesn’t retain structures hence the rename including folder name. However, you can choose what album (folder) they all go into which are managed from within the app. If you find one that does retain structures, let me know!

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