I'm a happy camper

On Monday I worked from home (cats to vet day) and whilst on a call with my boss he told me that the company were discussing the future what with this virus etc. and that we may all end up working from home long term. He tells me they are getting me a company mobile so I don’t have to use my own personal one, I’ve already told him that I was thinking of getting a drone (Mavic Mini) but couldn’t really find an inexpensive Android phone that would work. He said the company has an i6 that wasn’t being used and I could give that a go.
Long story short I got my Mavic Mini delivered yesterday, everything charged up and made my first indoor flight this afternoon. So impressed with this little machine (cats not so impressed LOL)


Enjoy the bird is very stable indoors

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Shame none of us will be able to say the same when they put us on lockdown ;o(


Been outside with my mm the last two days. At the very least it’s my daily exercise.

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