I'm now on my third Mavic Pro in three months :(

You may have seen the other thread I posted about my experiences of replacing a fault Mavic directly with Argos.

The first Mavic had the dreaded 10008 “black frames” issue.

Well, I got my replacement last week and while the black frames issue was now gone, I was faced with an entirely new set of issues on the new Mavic.

First up, gimbal was making some weird buzzing noises. Also, the horizon was constantly on the tilt. I was able to cure this with a few changed settings but whenever I flew sideways, the straightened up again, it’d be off kilter once more.

The other issue, and this is the one that drove me slightly insane, the gimbal was constantly looking to the left. Not by a great deal, perhaps only a couple of degrees, but it played havoc when trying to fly straight as it felt like the Mavic was “crabbing”. So the bird would fly straight but would be filming slightly left. Hard to explain…

It also has a weird drift issue, possibly related to the above issue. I went and found a huge car park to test this in too, I placed the Mavic over a guaranteed straight line and flew towards the end, on a day with zero wind (not even a breeze) and it constantly drifted to the right. I tried this in both directions (as if it was the wind, it’d still blow the same direction eh) but sure enough, I killed an entire 25mins battery flying up and down this carpark thinking I was doing something wrong.

Push the right stick forwards and the Mavic would fly as if you’d pushed the right stick forwards AND slightly to the right!

My OCD and my nerves was in tatters :disappointed_relieved:

So I’ve just been back to Argos and collected what is now my third Mavic in three months.

I’m hoping and praying this doesn’t have either the “black frames” issue, or any gimbal issues - I’m not sure I could handle getting a fourth replacement.

Everything is on charge now, will firmware update tonight and post the results of a test flight soon…

Ps. I did countless IMU, gimbal, compass, remote callibrations - just in case - it drove me insane :frowning:

Third time lucky

I seriously hope so mate.

My first Mavic flew like a dream but became a video editing nightmare (three hours plus in some cases) due to the sheer amount of black frames being inserted to the footage.

The second one, I can’t quite put my finger on it… A series of smaller issues which amounted to slight insanity I think! It just didn’t “feel” right…

It got to the point where I thought I might even be imagining it…

Will report back on bird number 3 in a few days time :slight_smile:

Anyone have any suggestions for a name for the third Mavic?!

Thunderbird 3 :wink:


Phoenix, as in ‘Flight of the Phoenix’?

Good luck with no.3, mate. Kudos for your patience.

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How was your experience with argos?

I had to take one back after less than two weeks and was a struggle to get my money back. They wanted test in store. Nor sure that it would have followed the drone code

Eventually they accepted they could not test and credited my card back.

It was fine mate.

I explained the problems to the lady at customer services desk - she just looked at me as if I was from another planet… :alien:

She then said she’d have to get her manager due to it being a high value item.

So I repeated the issues again and her manager then gave me the same expression-less look :alien:

Job done, I was in and out of there in less than ten minutes :+1:

Sounds like you had bit of a jobsworth there @ShaunD - had to laugh at them wanting to fly it in store :rofl:

Does this mean you now have 9 batteries? lol

cannot believe you’ve had more trouble though! I hope your 3rd is better… you must be feeling pretty disheartened around DJI products not working out the box…

Lol, no, I went back to the Argos shop this time so no extra batteries :slight_smile:

Pretty disappointed with DJI at the moment… but the latest bird seems to be fine I’m pleased (and relieved) to say :+1: