iMovie plugins?

Do you know if you can purchase additional plugins for iMovie, thing is I am as dumb as a dumb thing with softwares, its just not my forte, and iMovie is the only software I can use, all the others I have tried incl DaVinci are daunting to me.
IiMovie is as easy as abc but the trgansitions, backgrounds and effects are a bit poor.

So if you know where I can spruce it up a bit, I don’t mind buying these plugins if they exist, so please advise

Many thanks

iMovie is equipped with many basic tools and features to help you edit your videos. You should know that there are also many iMovie plugins are provided for you to do more sophisticated video editing tasks.

Just found that on the net , I have I movie but my Mac is a bit dated but still does the job , The AppStore has taken certain things away for older macs updates and certain apps and add ons but not sure about the new ones what you can and can’t do , I’m sure there’s someone on here that can give you a better answer than myself , still learning sorry .

Edit : just found this it says 2021 but was posted august 2022

@Badly_Drone_Boy . I loved iMovie for a long time and found the same restraints. I didn’t want to pay monthly for a product that was too daunting and frankly wasn’t going to be used to it’s full potential or pay a silly price upfront for the same reasons. I did however pay for LumaFusion - I think it under £20 and is so much more versatile (available on the App Store) It is slightly more complex than iMovie but there are links to some very straightforward beginner vids. I love it. I would suggest you bang “LumaFusion beginner” on a YouTube search and have a look before you decide. It gets good reviews btw

My Mac is 1 year old and it was a present for my 60’th from my son and daughters, it was higly spec’d and also has Final Cut Pro. But… that’s like Arabic to me, that’s why I found iMovie easier to work with and I wish I’ll be able to find plugins to spruce it up a little.