Indoor FPVing!

The Emax EZ pilot drone I won :grinning: at the

I haven’t had that much time to play with it! or more to the point, I did my back in and it’s only just getting better this last week or 2 (slipped a disc)

I am unable to get the Googles to work with my glasses so I have acquired a PC receiver so I can use a laptop screen, oh and I have got a few more batteries so loads of fun time :rofl:

So the last couple of days I have been practising indoor FPVing and refining my skills

I would just like to thank again @Steviegeek and @notveryprettyboy for the prize and hopefully, soon I will start an FPV build :grinning: anyway this is my first FPV video, the quality is crap but I like the low flying :rofl:


Nice flying Wayne, and that’s your first time flying fpv?! :astonished:

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That’s awesome mate - great flying.
Sorry to hear about your back, that’s been some time to be in pain since then.

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Thanks, Howard be practising all day as had the house to my self :grinning:
The back! it’s been a nightmare, to be honest, it got worse the following week and I’ve been on Naproxen since then. But :crossed_fingers: it’s on the mend :+1:

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That’s all it takes mate. Plenty of practice.

Ouch, that’s not good. They’re pretty strong so hope it is on the mend soon :crossed_fingers:t2:


Pretty much Steve, been practising all-day mind and I don’t have far to go after a crash :rofl:

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And you didn’t have to put on the pink tutu :laughing:

If I had one I would have worn it for the video, I do have Borat’s mankini but it all falls out when you sit down :rofl:

Best keep that for Mrs Sparkyws :rofl: