Inspire 1 & 1pro comparison

I have got my own inspire 1v2 and now have an inspire 1 Pro…

To my knowledge the airframe is identical other than the high heel conversion for the larger camera. I plan on doing a camera comparison to see the difference. I am yet to fly the Pro but it has 5 charge cycles under its belt so it should fly fine.

I just have to get my head around the new camera as I think there are couple of extra settings (correct me if I am wrong)

Another question is how difficult do you think it would be to fly both at the same time :exploding_head::man_facepalming: the pro has a second controller to control the gimble which I don’t think I will be using.

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The X5 is an amazing camera :slight_smile:

I shared some thoughts on the X5 camera in this post when I first got mine, which may be of use/interest mate.

For the airframe, there is no difference at all between the v2 and the Pro. A v1 model however will have the 350kv motors, rather than the 420kv of the v2 (more tech details over in this thread).

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Both aircraft have dual controller capability. Ideal for two-man teams where one concentrates on controlling the camera while the other flies.

The downside is that there is no separate FPV camera so the pilot is seeing a view which mat dell differ from the direction of travel.

The camera difference, apart from the X5 accepting a range of lenses, is in the sensor size. In this case big is certainly better

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I used to have both and as well as the “high heels” the Pro has a different camera mounting plate - presumably to get the CofG right with the heavier X5 camera.
You can retro fit the camera mount and and add high heels so you effectively have 2 "Pro"s. I got lucky with one non pro it was a V2 so had the uprated motors. With the lighter X3 the drone doesn’t really care about the CofG so you can pop it in the same mount as the X5.
Both set ups were great - especially with X5 - eats batteries though.
I learned a lot about repairing drones using Inspire 1s - specifically that they have a special circuit which turns trees into magnets!!
Enjoy them

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Just looking closely at your pics (and I can’t quite remember all the detail) but they both seem to have the bigger mounting already. So, maybe the one with the braided CF, and the X3 is on, is actually a V2 which will have the uprated motors and the one with the camo CF is the original V1 Pro.
If that’s the case you have won a watch!

I’m pretty sure the Inspire 1 v2 has the X5 gimbal plate fitted by default out of the box, and the 1 v1 doesn’t?

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Yep think you’re right - the upgrades were the motors and the plate - so a 1 V2 with the addition of an X5 and risers would be same as a 1 V1 Pro


Yeah you are right, it is a 1v1 pro and a 1 v2.

Cameras are interchangeable between the 2 as they both have the same mounting plate and motors :ok_hand:

lucky lucky lucky

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Thinking of getting th both up to take pics of each other mid flight :thinking::roll_eyes:

Heliguy used to do a conversion which fitted an FPV camera / transmitter - so the drone pilot could see where he was going if there was a camera operator controlling the camera / gimbal from the second controller.

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The pro has a second controller for such use. I can’t say I’ll ever use it. Sounds like an interesting conversion, would this effect the battery output?

I have a bolt-on self-contained conversion - camera, battery, TX and housing. The housing is 3D printed and frankly the installation looks pants - but it works, no drain on the main battery and is removable if you want to return the Inspire to stock.

I can’t find the files on Thingiverse at the moment and I’m too lazy to grab my modified Inspire from the locked case downstairs in the car for a photo.

If you are interested I’ll have a bo tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Yep the Heliguy version was self contained too.
They fitted the camera into the nose cone and used some very nice braid wrapped cable to connect to a separate battery with the transmitter in a 3D printed “box” mounted behind the battery.
Video TX was picked up on a separate receiver / monitor so the Cam OP used the dji feed and the pilot used the FPV feed.
Can’t say I ever used it - I just kept eyes on the drone (trying as much as possible to keep away from trees) and let the Cam Op get on with their bit. It impressed clients though!!

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You’ll need that forklift :rofl:

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They are so much more convenient than the usual carry case. Suits my lazy ways :joy:

Yeah but taking the Hyster with you on every flight would soon get problematic :smiley:

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