Inspire 1 cost

Would the cost of a used inspire 1 cover the cost of a used mavic (or similar)

So basically basically I have the bug there is no denying it. I want to fly every day and really enjoy flying the inspire it never fails to impress me. But the practicality of carrying it around can be a pain especially if we are on a family day out.

So my thinking is would the cost of selling up cover purchasing a used mavic or similar that will fold up and essentially fit is a backpack.

The inspire has a had a grand total of 2h20 mins flight time. 3 batteries

I would certainly have thought so… might even stretch to a new model!

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Even for a tight bloke with 3 kids and a wife with an expensive shopping habit, I’d have thought so

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Ignore the Mavic and get a mavic Air. With the Air 2 announced second hand prices should be coming down, many were sold as FlyMore combos so three batteries is almost a standard, they fold small enough to fit in a ombat jacket pocket with controller and phone in the other. No backpack needed!


:joy::joy: Long pockets short arms that’s the problem.

What would be a reasonable price to ask for the inspire 1?

Hold off for couple of months. See what the Mavic 3 pro turns out like.


Which camera(s) do you have?

Selling an X5 camera would buy you a brand new Mavic.

It has the X3.

Iv just put a similar post on 2 DJI trade/ sale faceache groups and had a message almost straight away offering a mavic air combo barely flown (I bet they all say that). Will be getting more information tomorrow.

Hold out for at least a pro

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Had to delete the post :man_facepalming: my phone hasn’t stopped all morning. Some tempting offers to be fair.

I have a Mavic Pro Platinum (with 3 batteries), with a backpack which I would consider as a straight swap for the Inspire. It is in great condition.

Have a think about it and let me know if interested. Happy to meet up and let you have a look over the Mavic first if you want.

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