Inspire 2 Advice-Safety Mods?

OK, So I took the plunge, bought Inspire 2, very low use, did the test flight, checked it over thoroughly, all good.
Not flown it since pickup last week due to the weather, so checking out videos on Youtube…

Noticed a few videos with the following issues reported:

Twisting of landing legs(Seller confirmed this had been rectified/modified)
Motor detachment during flight
Loose propellor mounts, causing excessive vibration.

Just checking if any other Inspire 2 owners have carried out any safety mods for these issues.
Any advice appreciated.

I’ve recently bought an Inspire 2 without the mod too, however it came with foam inserts for the propeller.

The inserts effectively push the propeller up a little to reduce propeller titter. What mod is on your i2? Could you post a picture please.
I’ll be drilling and screwing the landing gear mount soon before my next flight.

Thanks @Njoro for the reply.
I noticed my props had foam inserts where they sit on/fasten to motors, so presume that mod has been completed, no play in props currently.
In relation to the twisting of the legs mod, I am informed by the seller that there was no drilling of the carbon fibre structures, just slight amendment to the clamp and different screws, marked up on attached picture.
Once again, thanks for your help.
Let me know how you get on with your mods.

Thanks for the photo
It’s about time I had a closer look at my inspire, I believed that the motors became loose at the motor mount end.
I’ve had a look on YouTube regarding the propeller titter, it seems that the foam insert is really just a temporally fix. I may be able to design and 3D print something, I feel a wee new project coming on…:grinning:

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It needs some customising Mick :wink:

I know Jeff. But all out of money. Thinking of starting a JustGiving page.
Fancy some folding carbon fibre props, but at $265 might have to wait.

Should have been called JustReceiving , really. :wink:


Yes I agree, the fix highlighted in my earlier picture stops the legs from moving out of line. But as you say, the motor issue fix would be required at each corner.
Can you believe, all that money and we are having to mod the motors/legs to stop it from falling out of the sky?
Let me know if you find anything, only one I found so far is this:

Yes, you are so right.
Just Receiving for @mickydd Pork Pie Fund.

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I watched that an hour ago, did you see the one in Japanese? He is using a rivet with a steel washer on the inside to stop the landing gear/motor mount from rotating. I’ve got some 1/16" rivets somewhere in the work shop if you’d like some.
I’ve an idea for stopping the motors pulling away from each other which is very cheap to do super strong and weighs less than a fleas “thingymejigs”

I’ve got the inspire out of the case to look at and measure the propeller foam inserts.

You’ve got 2 kidneys?
I’ve sold most of my body parts for this " #hobbyrobbery" down to a lung so I can get out and fly.


Just checking out the Japanese one now, thanks for the offer. Have sent you a pm.

Yeah, but we can’ get out and fly, can we.
Bl**dy weather!

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There’s nothing stopping you flying!

It’s only stopping you fly back to where you started. :wink:


I got the kite out,but I needed more stone in my pockets…:laughing:


I knew that’s what it was for really
Mick this is becomening a money pit

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Burning the midnight oil, I’ve printed this block to replace the foam inserts.
Once I got it to the right dimensional height I had to file it very carefully to remove about 0.05mm for it to lock.
It locks the propeller completely eliminating titter, the down side is it required the use of a pair of long nose pliers to twist the locking mechanism; It might be that I just don’t have the grip I used to have.


I can see the next 3D print will be a locking key. :wink:


You read my mind I’m on the drawings already.


Or perhaps a complete locking mechanism with something better to grip … to avoid losing the key. :wink:

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