Inspire 2 Advice-Safety Mods?


To many issues with that idea I’m afraid, in fact the key design will have some complications.



Wow, that was quick.
Do you think the thickness of the block will be uniform or did you find differences on each propellor?
It would also appear that it is the red propellor that is most often reported, whilst the white seems to remain firm.
Brilliant work so far, look forward to your fix for the motor arms.
Well done :+1:


Maybe i am getting the wrong end of the stick here… But why are you having to modify a drone that costs thousands, to make it fit for purpose?


The block is printed on a glass bed so it’s almost perfectly flat “without going into just how flat glass is” this block is a MKIII to test for both the Red and White.
The experimental result is that once it locks the White,the Red is just perfect, there is the tiny amount of fine filing to horn the fit though.
The print nozzle is 0.04mm with a layer height of 0.0203mm, for the final print I’II be printing using a nozzle of 0.02mm.


Tell me about it Alex @Woolnut
Glad I bought second hand.
It’s possibly only a very small number that have an issue with the legs rotatating and the motors coming loose in flight, but I must admit, even with extra pre/post flight checks and regular servicing, it worries me to fly it.
I want to ensure that the issues reported are fixed before I fly.

In relation to noisy/vibrating propellors, this is fairly widely reported and I believe one option is to replace the quick mounts and invest in permanent foldable carbon fibre, but DJI don’t make for the Inspire 2.

I’m really appreciative of this site to explore possible solutions.
That’s what makes it great.


Brilliant, let me know if I can purchase 4 from you.
I love this site, struggle to get my inkjet to print, never mind 3D.


Just found this, looks a really simple fix for the motor mount issue and uses existing holes, no drilling or mod of the cf required.


I’m not relaxed when flying knowing that the motor side is just glued in place, I’ve not decided yet which method I’ll use. I’ll be using the method that is the safest, the thing is even though we can lock the propellers down there’s no way to tell how well they are balanced so vibration is still an issue for the glue.


Great, just watched that, that is easily printable, I like it and it’s going to get printed.


PM me your address


Can I purchase 4 of those as well please.
What a result.


PM Sent


At the price that these drones ship at there should be some better accountability, have DJI even acknowledged any of the defects?

Maybe they should invest in a proper QA department, instead of asking YouTube’rs to write them gleaming reviews because they are given a free product to “shill” to other consumers.


I think they have acknowledged an issue with some propellors vibrating and these can be exchanged if in warranty period of aircraft.
No acknowledgement on other issues though, I think they will blame hard landing, impact etc.


Here is another mod I saw and copied, I know DJI sell these but I used to make these cables for RC planes.

Secures the camera in the event of the rubber balls failing, apparently it has happened to people.


I’m surprised something like this wasn’t already built into the thing as a failsafe :rofl:

Simple but effective :+1:


DJI sell the same thing for £15, you’d think it would ship with the Inspire…:roll_eyes:


Batch print in progress


If they started to include it, they’d probably be admitting more than they’d want to, and previous lost/damaged camera claims would come flooding in.


You’re on the money there…