Inspire 2 Folding Carbon Props


The decision to upgrade to carbon props was driven by three factors, the quick deployment of the drone on site and elimination of the rattling DJI props and I also found that DJI props felt mushy in the summer on a day that had hit 32C.
The weather has kept me grounded for the flight test but this afternoon I managed to get out and fly two sets of batteries.
The Inspire felt far more locked in and much more responsive just as I expected it to feel with ridged props. In the hover it barely moved at all but a winder day will prove it.
In sports mode it picked up speed far more quickly than with the standard DJI props and was a lot quieter too, I’m really pleased with the performance of these props.


I’ve kinda got thing for Inspires and carbon :blush:


Because you can leave the props attached while in the case you mean?

Yes mate, just lift it out of the box and straighten…:dizzy_face:

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Love those @Njoro
Are they the ones from Switzerland? Was tempted when I had my Inspire 2, but the price put me off

Yes they are, and they are brilliant, very responsive.

@Njoro do you know if they make these for the Inspire 1 too?

Also tagging in @MementoMori :innocent:

I think I saw some folding props for the I1 on Inspire pilots when I first had one, the owner had modded their case so he could leave them fitted.
I can’t remember what they were though sorry.

@PingSpike They do a set for Inspire 1…

Inspire 1 products – HeliEngadin


Thanks @Njoro :+1:t2:

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