Inspire 2 FPV Camera

Hi, I wonder if anyone with an Inspire 2 can help me please?

I have recently purchased an Inspire 2 and have noticed that the FPV picture is quite “blocky” and seems blurred.

I’m using the Crystalsky monitor so hopefully it’s able to handle the dual feed from both cameras.

I’m wondering if there’s a setting I need to adjust or a means to focus the picture. The main camera picture is fine.

Many thanks


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Hi Pete, I dont own an Inspire 2 but have read that the FPV camera is only around 450p and heavily compressed.

It’s never going to look as sharp as the main feed.

Just incase you expecting them to be equal.

Hi Callum

Thanks for that. I knew it wasn’t as good as the main feed but didn’t realise it was that low a resolution.

It’s just that whenever I see a video on YouTube the FPV shot seems very clear, certainly better than mine so I was worried.

Take care and catch you later.


Like I said Peter, I dont own one (unfortunately) so you may get better advice from some of the guys that do.

Fingers crossed, but thanks for raising the possibility.

@PJ1300 I have the Inspire 2 but nothing to add to what’s been said, it’s a rubbish camera but if yours is a bit blurred it could be something as simple as a finger print smudge on the lens.

Hi. Thanks for that, I’ll give it a really good clean.
Didn’t realise it was that bad a resolution, thought it was 720. A resolution down to 400 odd would certainly account for the poor quality.
Cheers, Peter

Any updates @PJ1300 ?

Hi, fair play, I have had a few responses and I’ve worked through each one.
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any improvement.
Not sure if it’s just me expecting too much from the FPV camera. When I see YouTube videos the display seems to be a lot clearer than mine so I was a little confused/concerned.
I keep persevering and see how it goes.
Thanks for the interest, it’s much appreciated.
Take care. Peter