Inspire 2, GoPro 3, Tarot 2D Gimbal Mount


My GoPro and Tarot Gimbal have sat around unused for quite a while, so I’m thinking why not use it with the Inspire on the odd occasion.

I have mounted the electronics on to the 3D print and may extend the mount to carry a 7.2V battery too but first I have to get the gimbal working. It’s been so long since I messed around with this gimbal that I’ve forgotten how it works, I’ve also forgotten where I saved the firmware and on which laptop…lol

This is a very simple design which I’m sure will work a treat depending on how the DJI anti-vibration rubber balls work with this gimbal.
There is a slight error in the drawing, the camera mount point needs a bias to keep the GoPro lens centred, it won’t make a difference to any video or picture that’s taken.



How heavy is all that gear once mounted Lance?

3D printing… mmm… :drooling_face:


Here you go…


Bloody hell, that X5 is heavy :scream:


That’s why the Inspire is so nimble without it and the battery lasts that bit longer too…:nerd_face: