Inspire Repaired Again :)

Hi all - different post from me this time (usually videos and images)

Celebrating somewhat as my Inspire is now back and ready to fly. I bought her broken and fitted a new arm, motors etc, and then had to ground it again as the screw mechanism (the servo ultimately), stopped putting the landing gear back down. I’ve just replaced the center frame, and all tests at home (with rotors off), show that it’s looking well.

Just have to find somewhere to get her in the sky now.


Very shmexy

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WOW :flushed::flushed: do you have a degree in engineering :thinking:
Well done you :clap: that’s a task and a half I would imagine :wink:

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That’s a big drone to hand-catch if the landing gear doesn’t come down :see_no_evil:

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Actually that’s exactly what my daughter had to do when I started to bring it down and I realised the landing gear was saying nope. I thought it was pretty brave of her, it’s like a flying mincing machine. :smiley:

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Lol, no degree, but I have been doing mechanical engineering work since I was 17. I just turned 42, so it’s been a while.

Stuff like this is just fiddly

There’s more pictures at the bottom here, and some writing that shows I don’t have a degree in that either. :rofl:

You just had to remind me that I’ve got one to repair!

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Send it over to her :grinning:

Could drop it off, I’m over that way next week!

Haha, made me smile.

What’s actually wrong with it

Are you sitting comfortably?
Flew it one day at the local field, but as it was on the way back, the altitude was dropping and I had no control at all. Luckily(?) it came down in a patch of deep grass, only damage being to the X5 yaw motor, and the gimbal mounting plate (snapped). Replaced the broken bits (had a spare X5 and plate) and had a few light flights, no problem.
Took it out to the field again, and the same thing happened again, no control and altitude slowly dropped, hitting a row of bushes, no damage.
Got it home and had a good look, found the antenna from the front leg into the main unit had broken right where it entered the plug.
Rob Soar (macspite) gave me a new leg and boom assembly, just got to take the old one off and replace. I was going to do it over the Xmas holidays, but I broke my finger and everything was put on hold. I’ll get round to it one day I suppose, it’s just time and a fully functioning left hand I need now!

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Aye, you will definitely need two hands and I suppose the obvious and slightly amusing answer is to never fly in that field again, but if that is the only problem it should be a pretty quick fix, although I might be looking to thread a new antenna wire if it were mine, rather than change the whole leg. It’s fiddly for sure, but doable in no time.

That just reminded me, I think I still have a spare Inspire 1 V2 Pro leg and motors somewhere. The person I bought it from advertised it being broken, but as coming with a new arm, which I didn’t know were different until I got home and found the carbon pattern to be different and the landing gear a different height to allow for the X5 (I think).

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Yeah, the pro legs are longer, I think it’s just a push on part to extend them. I’ll go and have a look.

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Thought so, they’re just caps that fit over the end of the legs and raise it by about 30mm ish.

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Ah that’s useful then, thanks! The more spares I have, then the longer I can keep it in the air.

I know it’s a pain to fly (even with Article 16), but I absolutely love this thing.

I’ve got three altogether, 1 beyond saving I think, 1 fixable, and 1 OK to fly. 13 batteries, 5 controllers. If you need another controller to have a 2 person team, let me know.

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Goodness - that’s cool!

Yeah actually I could use another controller. I’ve got five batteries which is good for close to an hour of flight, so that’s all right. Feel free to message me a price for the handset and I’ll give it a ponder, as I’ve just bought another project that’s taking up all my time and money at the moment - but it’d be good to know you have one if I need one!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can have it for the postage Emma. I don’t need it, and I’ve still got enough!

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Then 100% yes!

That’s really fantastic, thanks!

Send us your address, and I’ll stick one in the post. They’re all the same with the HDMI socket on the back, and all of them have kept a 3 light charge for months.

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