Inspire versus Mavic series

First off I’m not trying to start a fight, I’m genuinely interested to know whether the Inspire - specifically the Inspire 1 Pro - is easier to use for video and stills than a Mavic or Mavic Air.

The lens interchangeability of the x5 zenmuse and the MFT sensor are big pluses for me (plus the possibility of using the x5 on an Osmo).

How easy is it to use the Inspire single-handed as opposed to pilot and camera operator?

I must say that I’m greatly impressed with the image quality of the Mavic Air and its portability. I’m wondering whether to get an Inspire though - not as a replacement but as an addition to the fleet. Anyone selling an Inspire Pro with loads of accessories? :slight_smile:

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One of our members had an Inspire 2 for sale recently. Not sure if it is still for sale or what you would want and price you want to pay, of course.

Thanks @OzoneVibe

Yes, that looke like a nice piece of kit for someone but is way out of my price bracket. I’m looking for an Inspire 1 Pro or Inspire 1 v2.0 with x% Zenmuse.

Looking on eBay but, as usual, all the ones that seem worthwhile pursuing are at the other end of the country and the sellers insist on collection only :frowning:

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Same with a car I’m desperately trying to stop contemplating! I mean - DHL don’t deliver cars? They’re missing a trick! :stuck_out_tongue:

Give it a few years and you will swipe the BuyAcar app on your iPhone 16, the bitcoins will disappear from your account and the car will set off on its autonomous journey to come and meet you.


No :blush:

But that was never its intention, so they each have their merits but for ease of use, Mavic every time.

Agreed :slight_smile:

Although kitted our for two people, I’ve only ever flown my Inspire single-handed.

No real issues to report…

It’s trickier to fly, not as refined as the Mavic and the other next-gens, but if you’re willing to invest a bit of time in both the flying of it, then mastering the 101 camera settings (which I think is what you’re after), you’ll get some great results.


Thanks for the opinion, I kind of thought that would be the case.

I will find out over the next few days as I [embarrased grin] arranged to buy one complete with an Osmo for terrestrial shots. I felt bad about my little fleet growing until I found out the seller has " 6 or 7 racing drones, 2 or 3 tiny whoops, mavic pro, phantom 3 advanced, phantom 2, plus loads of parts. Just don’t have the time.". I’ll tell him about GADC tomorrow :slight_smile:


Did you get the Pro?
I could have sold you an Inspire 1 with an X3.
You are going to love it, it’s a completely different beast to what you have right now :grin:

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If you didn’t, there are ways to convert it to a Pro :wink:


It was a rather steep learning curve, but I loved every minute :smiley:

(and still do)


@PingSpike @MementoMori Thanks for the replies guys.

Yes, Inspire Pro so factory set up for the Zenmusr X5. Couple of lenses for the X6 and an Osmo - I already use an Osmo Mobile 2 and think there are great, the opportunity to use different focal lengths for pictures is a big bonus for me as is the bigger sensor.

I’m going to have to find a place awaty from people to practice. I’m thinking it’s a truck rather than a motorbikw when comparing to a Mavic Air?


I’ve not flown either, but when it comes to speed I believe that analogy fails. The inspire is fast!

I’m up for that! Can I cheat and fly downhill?

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You can fly any way you like … but that thread’s first post has top speeds attained by drone model. Chances are you won’t dare! … until the 2nd flight, that is.

More like a Dodge Hellcat :wink: :laughing:

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I think of it as bit of a sky-barge.

But also don’t forget it was never designed to be as nimble and agile as a Mavic.

As Dave said, they are fast. Just don’t forget that if you’re flying for speed, the stopping distance is also somewhat greater than that of a Mavic :blush:

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Hi, I have both a mavic pro and inspire 1 pro with x3 and x5 cameras.

Mavic pro is great for portability and used for holidays and wedding photography.

Inspire is a completely different drone, battery life (15 mins approx with x5)so is not as long so you should look at getting lots more batteries if you plan on shooting for a while, we have 8 batteries at the moment. The lens inter changability is great, having a 45mm lens (90mm in real terms) means we dont need to get as close to our subjects. Being able to change the iso, f stop and shutter speeds is a bonus too compared to the original mavic,
It does take up a lot of room in the car, we have the original case which put the inspire in travel mode (flat) and a hard case which puts the inspire in landing mode, makes it a bit quicker to set up. We have the 2 controller options too but one user op is virtually the same as flying the mavic.

Let me know if there’s anything else i can help with.

Inspire 1 uses the older DJI Go app or the pilot app



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Thanks for the info, Stuart. - I more of a photographer than a flier so wanted the best image quality in my price range. I’ve kind of pre-empted replies by buying an Inspire, X5 with 15 and 14-42 lenses and four batteries - all 3 steady green plus flashing 4th. It also came with an Osmo which will be great for ground work.

The owner gave it a last spin around the park after taking me through a demo of setup from the travel position. I am now RTFMing and checking everything to make sure that when I do go out in public I won’t embarrass myself!

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Brilliant, i wish you well. I’m sure you will enjoy flying it.

I’ve just bought a 2nd inspire 1 , more for the batteries and controllers that came with it as the inspire is still in need of repair but it was a good price as I couldn’t get 5 batteries for what I paid for the whole lot.

They each have their merits, be prepared for more people watching you and asking questions when you get the i1 out !!

Dual camera op is good, though single is just as good, you can either move the i1 around as you would a mavic and control the pitch of the camera or put your finger on the app screen until you see a blue circle then move your finger and the camera will move independently of the drone. Be careful as it may not be pointing in the same direction the drone is facing so line of site is a must if flying and camera facing a different way.
You can fit a fpv camera into the nose so you can see direction of flight , yes more money lol

Happy to help if you have any questions

Happy flying

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