Interested in FPV

Hi All,

Been watching some footage for a few weeks now of FPV and interested in having a further look into it and the possibility of owning one.

I’ve scrolled through this section on the forum and came across a lot of information and have confused me more in places…I have seen the “So you want to fly FPV?” post from @anon34183503 which is excellent and shows what parts are needed etc but was wondering where the best place is to find possible building guides and recommendations for parts? (Few recommendations on that post but are they still up to date at all?) In terms of a budget, nothing too much at the start but a product which will be useful for gathering footage and most importantly will be able to handle some crashes!

Ideally i’d like to buy a sturdy pre-build and be able to eventually attach a go-pro onto that for footage but hear building is the best option for sure? (Not feeling overly confident about building at the moment) Any information or guidance for things to look at will be appreciated, there’s that much info online it’s hard to differ which information is “good”.

Thank you

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Building is half the fun. Also, the knowledge gained on the learning curve will help you to repair it. Have a look at this site.



Welcome to the world of fpv. Glad you enjoyed my article. First things first don’t be intimidated by the choices out there. I can put together a shopping list of bits within a set budget for you and if required provide 1on1 coaching via skype call.

There are a few questions that we need to ask and 1 that you need to ask yourself…
Starting with the 1 question to ask yourself…

What kind of flying do you want to do? Are you interested in freestyle flips and tricks? Long range crusing? Racing? Videography?

Once you know that then the parts choices come pretty quickly.

So the next question is what if any equipment do you have? Followed by what is the hard limit on what you want to spend initially?

Feel free to drop me a message here or over on my YouTube :slight_smile:


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Thanks for this document, will take look through it. Didn’t think about the repairing side which will be gained from building so think it’ll have to be built.

Thanks again

Have a look at for self build parts and they have a warehouse here in the U.K.

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Thank you, really helpful @anon34183503

I will send you a dm with those answers to your questions if you don’t mind?

But don’t buy anything without checking first. Hobbyking sell a lot of old rubbish that I wouldn’t recommend as a starting point

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hi connor, i has similar question a while a go and someone suggested i look and see if there is a local fpv club that flies so you can go and see them in action, maybe try one and see if fpv is for you without having to spend first.

I found a local club on facebook and have had a good discussion but then got lockdown so haven’t had a chance to goto one of their meetings yet.

just a thought


Hi Lee,

Thanks for the suggestion, Will have a look on a few sites and see if anybody is local to me and can have a try!


They’re ok but not everything is in the UK. And most times you get hit with import tax from hobbyking!
Keep it local and support the small businesses in the UK.
Quadcopters UK
Hobby RC
Unmanned Tech
Drone Is Life


I’ve used Hobbyking for years, I first look at the U.K warehouse for all the bits I need then move on to other sites.
If there’s a U.K manufacturer of brushless motors, ESC,Cameras,lipo,VTX,VRX, FPV goggles…that’s where I’d buy first and foremost.

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