Interesting use of drone

I am not sure how this woul work. Surely if you were sleping rough you would be culed up out of sight of people probably in area not easily accessed by Drones.

My other thought is that they must have a lot of people rough sleeping, or is it a droner getting to play at work?

If you’re sleeping rough I’m sure the last thing you’d be thinking about is drones and sleeping on the beach is probably the best place to be out of sight of people. I suppose it could work well with a thermal camera


Look at it as positive press for us unfortunate droners

This report came out in July and makes very interesting/challenging reading.

Another example of people putting forward an idea to use ‘assistive technology’, the latest buzz word in social action programmes, with out understanding the limitations

We all know the challenges of being able to put a drone up on windy beaches and how often they will not be able to do the work due to conditions etc. Looking at the picture it seems to be a standard phantom with standard camera (someone will know exactly which I am sure). But I am sure the person with the idea will get the PFCO paid for!!!

But as @sparkman999 says, “Look at it as positive press for us unfortunate droners”

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Ok that second article is more big brother ism
We will be monitored from birth to grave

@sparkman999 I think that your view is quite common it certainly was in the workshop I attended. Yet the professional highways people, police etc so it as only a series of really good developments. That is until you started asking about data security and so on. I am sure that is the way the debates were set up as a series of challenges.

The research is good and timely as it highlights the policy and perational changes that need to be made if drones are going to be used more.

Sorry i presume that when all this is complete the likes of Amazon or any other big business will be the ones able to fly anywhere and hobbyists will be confined to the isle of sky…