International Drone Day May 5th - How will you be celebrating?

The 4th International Drone Day is taking place on May 5th. Not heard of it? Don’t worry, it’s mainly an American-organised event but there are teams all over the world participating.

From the official web site I notice there are five teams participating in the UK this year: Brighton, Bristol, Oxford, Wales and Scotland. Anyone involved with any of them?

So get your street parties ready for May 5th and put out the word that “Drones Are Good”!

Had a look at the Scottish team out of curiosity.

Anyone know what these are?

Serious kit, serious comms. I don’t these are your basic hobbyists.

Found them.

AT-AT 800, DJI EVO S800-1 and Cini NX1.

That’s some mast on the top of van.

You can’t afford it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dunno mate, what’s the going rate for a kidney these days?

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I love how the cone with the warning sign is about five times smaller than the aircraft it’s trying to protect people from :rofl:

These guys have some seriously impressive looking bits of kit :+1: