International Drone Laws (map)


SO obviously at some point I intend to travel with my Mavic and make great films. I came across this map with a country by country list that is updated regularly by users. Seemed pretty good…let me know what you think.


Useful tool, thanks for the share


VERY useful addition to the Travel category, thanks @JayForceOne. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve changed your title to make it more accessible for people looking for just this kind of information.


All good!!


Really good map, shame I’m not going anywhere for a while.


Thank you, very useful


Thanks for the map @JayForceOne - excellent find!! :+1:

And @bonnie68, welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:


Thank You Jay Force One that’s a great find and thanks for sharing was very useful.



Fantastic map and helpful links to the relevant .Gov email address


First holiday since I bought my MA coming up in September… hope to get some nice shots of Santorini :slightly_smiling_face: