International Game Of Whoop 4 (IGOW)

Having missed all the preseason stuff I suppose I ought to get my ass in gear and at least try.

But having to watch nearly 15 minutes of that painfully stilted, scripted video just to get the details of the challenge is sort of making me not want to. :rofl:

Also, the elimination letters are I-G-O-W!? I thought this was the International Game of W-H-O-O-P! He even introduced it in one of the first videos as the FPV equivalent of the game of SKATE. Doesn’t that now make it a self-referencing acronym that should actually be IGOI (International Game Of IGOW - but that doesn’t make sense either; it should be International Game of IGOI and now the “whoop” is missing altogether)? I suppose with 1600+ entries they want to thin the herd a little quicker, but they’re only saving one week.

Anyway, better charge some packs and go fly.

They’re hoping it’ll save a lot more than a week. Last season went on for ages…

Surely the length of the competition is ultimately determined by the skill of the top tier players.

Let’s assume that’s the top 1%. At least they’re only having to review 16 entries a week by that time.

Even if you assume everyone else is utter dross and fails every week, they’ll still be stuck with viewing 1600 entries (OK, it’s likely that not all registrants will enter) for at least 4 weeks, so I guess I was pointing out that they’re only saving a week of maximum possible entries.

Unfortunately for them, I think I’ve passed this week - a long as I get my video edited and submitted in time.

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It was… its fixed length this time because it got silly last year.

So far i haven’t done any and will probably bow out. I have no whoops to fly right now (and I don’t class the Meteor85 as a whoop). Only need to solder a few wires and i could have the new 75 done, but no motivation. Maybe next year.

I tell you what, I’ve grown very weary of the Magic Roundabout theme tune. :laughing:


Here’s mine for this week


Weekly Challenge #2

Dropping this here for my benefit as much as anything else. :slight_smile:

60 SECOND MAXIMUM VIDEO SUBMISSION LENGTH Note; You are NOT allowed to speed up your footage inbetween the required steps/tricks for this challenge.

Requirement #1:
Find or create a “Chair Obstacle.” This can be any 4 legged chair or chair like object. Size does not matter if it is an actual chair. If you use or create a “chair like object” such as an IGOW approved cube obstacle with a surface on top, then the maximum size of an opening for a face is 28" (71cm).

Requirement #2:
Your chair obstacle must be set on the ground. You cannot set in on a table or raise it up above the ground in any way. You can only use one chair obstacle for your combo. It can be inside or outside.

Requirement #3:
You must complete the following 7 steps/tricks IN ORDER and ALL IN ONE CLIP with no bumps, ground taps, failed attempts, or wrong/extra tricks in between any of the required steps/tricks. The whole combo (and your entire video can only be a maximum of 60 seconds)

  1. Fly a FIGURE 8 through the chair legs/faces
    You must fly through 2 parellel faces and then turn and fly through the other two

  2. Do a FLIP in the open air
    This can be a front or back flip

  3. MAVERICK LOOP the chair aka “Beginner Powerloop”
    Fly forward through two parellel faces of the chair, then pitch back and fly backward over the top of the chair, then pitch forward again and fly through the same two faces

  4. Do a ROLL in the open air
    This can be a left roll or right roll

  5. “Beginner Matty” the chair
    Fly forward over the chair and then pitch back and fly backward through two parellel faces of the chair

  6. Do a 360 YAW SPIN in the open air
    This can be a CW or CCW spin and must be at least 360deg and not more than 540deg

  7. LAND/Disarm on the top of the chair
    You must land on the chair FPV cam view right side upand be disarmed and completely still to complete the challege. The time ends once the whoop is motionless.

Hmm… :thinking: :scream:

lol… yup… and I have today to do it… Brendan has 20mins this evening, lol!

So. All morning so far 17 packs… not done it yet.

The matty is the tough one. Only done it once so far.

Brendan will have more time that expected… we have this afternoon as well.

I have a feeling I’m going to struggle with all of it. :laughing:

FECKING HELL… That’s been one hell of a challenge.

Brendan came back early and we got about 3 hours practice in. .

After about 2 and half of those Brendan succeeded… Only to find our goggles had failed to record.

So he tried again, and 30mins later did it. He then had to go out. (He was already about 15 mins late)

I was ready to give up…

But, no I would give it another go.

With no distractions around the house I managed 3 close ones in the next 4 packs. Just clipping the cube during the matty…

I was sooo close. Then I did it… but it only JUST fits in the 60 seconds limit.

That’s it for me though. I’m done for today!

And my entry…

You really wanted to get that one done early eh…

Nice job!

I have no choice. There is no time we can fly now until 4th June.

Right on 1 minute :star_struck:

and Brendan’s… since he probably wouldn’t post it on here himself.

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Way more direct :clap:

Super quick. Is he more daring or more reckless? Either way he got it pretty damned quickly. So fair play.