iPad Air bracket - just arrived

Looks ok for £15:


Feels nice and solid. The base is metal and the adjustable clip is strong, and it folds to fit into a pouch provided


Nice!! Decent price too :+1:

Looks quite central, what’s the balance like?

Not used it yet but seems fairly well balanced. Could do with a lanyard though…

Where would you attach it though?

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I’ve been pondering a tablet holder, this might be the one. I would be interested to hear how you get on with it.
What’s it look like folded?

Likewise, been looking at these as I have to use reading glasses making it harder to use my iPhone 7 and thought about using iPad. Let us know how it goes. Btw, the ones I had seeon on amazon have a place to clip a lanyard.

Like many other things, I’d struggle flying my MP without my varifocals. Worth every penny!

Some more pix: folded and lanyard attachment point…


Thanks for the photos @linners that’s a great help :+1:

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