Iphone X settings

Hi guys,
I’m a complete novice to the drone world and so I would like to ask, does anyone know what Location Services settings I should use on my IPhone X so I get a good GPS signal for my drone to use as RTH

Make that iPhone X

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@mockingbird71 related to this topic: RTH problem - setting to device location

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what drone do you have?

Mavic Air according to his profile (click on @Beejay) :wink:

I don’t use the GO4 app on my phone (even thought I have it installed) but I do use the DJI Fly app on my phone (for the Mavic Mini).

I’ve not changed any settings on my iPhone (also an XR) and just agreed to any Location requests it asked for on first-run.

Yeah you need GPS if you want to use Follow Me or Tracking. There is a thread on here all about RTH and what is needed if you want the drone to track an object and RTH were you might of moved to

Hi there, I have a Mavic Air

If it helps:

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Marvellous. Thanks for that. Just needed some confirmation that I had it right. Don’t know who I get the weak signal error then mmmmmm🤔

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on my mavic 2 pro , I just leave it hovering for 10 -20 sec so it can get the home point store after that it seam ok

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Do you use it to track an object automatically when it recognises it. I can set my drone to the point of take off but not to the phone’s position.

I stand in one spot and send it on a mission . using waypoints, or just fly if manual then hit the RTH Button on the controller. I have never tried to use the controller as a return point.

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Ok I get that and can use RTH from take off position. But if was to move from that position say 500 meters and hit RTH the drone would land on the take off point 500 meters away which could be a bit iffy if you lose site

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I found this , it may help, I haven’t tried it