Irresponsible Flying?

Irresponsible or what?

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What did he do? I can only watch a few seconds of facebook videos for some reason?

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Flew that drone like a champ.


I’d say what, there’s some skills right there! What’s the issue?


We are not the drone police

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Disturbed the bird life and flew far to close to the public, brilliant flying though. He was in a NP, behaviour like tat will get drones banned

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Too flamboyant but skillful, far too close to people.
Too hectic to really enjoy and will certainly harm our (perfect) image!

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The birds did not appear disturbed by the drone, if they were he would have captured some excellent video of a bird attack - once he had recovered his aircraft from the sea. The members of public that he flew over could well have been part of his group as they stuck around and were glimpsed at later stages of his video.

There are a lot of things that we can only conjecture about - whre was this, did he require permission, what strength was his video transmitter, did he have the relevant certification for the country he was in, was this done for commercail gain, if so did he have a commercial qualification …

Macspite, Oberleutnant, Autonome Flugzeugpolizei (Maximale Startmasse unter 20 Kilogramm)


I’m with you on this one, yes. No idea if the people walking on the clifftop were with the pilot or not, but the gulls definitely weren’t. You can see they were disturbed because they all took to the skies to try and harass the drone away, and by the end of the video there’s not an adult bird left on the rocks. Were they trying to protect their young? Possibly. If any of the adult birds were breeding there their chicks would be very well camouflaged and likely wouldn’t be fledging for another few weeks yet. If they are there, hopefully the parents will have returned.

I can fully understand why the rule you linked to says “Do not police other members”… that way discord lies. But that’s not this; this is a comment on a social media video that has gone (a little bit) viral.

We’ve had threads before where there have been lengthy discussions of online content. What’s changed? Are we saying that there is to be no discussion of irresponsible flying on this forum now?

Given how much of an impact it has had, and continues to have, on our hobby (and for some, our livelihoods) it seems to be that it would be a little shortsighted for the UK’s biggest drone forum to pretend it doesn’t happen or that it’s not our concern.

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I agree, it does happen, check Facebook or Instagram and you’ll come across plenty.

@awsan has already made his feelings known on Facebook about the post, by sharing it here he is only fuelling the virality of it (in my opinion).

Exactly, and perhaps thats where the post should have been made.


The footage was taken on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Park,which allows drones as long as the operator follows the rules, but not for long if people ignore them like this.

zehr gut!!

One big thread per general theme, and nothing that’s been mentioned anywhere else on t’internet. Roger that. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Because we all need even more negativity in the world.

Soon be better weather and we can all get out and fly


Tsk tsk. I’m sure that link has been in another thread…

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C’mon! With that much vertical shit even I could make it look good!

Was fun though. Regarding disturbing bird life, in my experience seagulls regard drones as target practice. If it’d been a Mavic, it’d be toast


If your like me, it pops up a screen to get you to log on… but there is a ‘not now’ option. Click that, and you can see the video :slight_smile:

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Any info on what he was flying? There are some freestyle quads out now that are more than capable of producing superb HD footage but would still make a Mavic Mini look like a large and heavy machine.

Gulls are like the Geordies of the bird world in that they are not phased by the small stuff. I’ve often seen gulls try and take on 1/4 scale warbirds and larger at our flying field.

I have to admit I was very impressed with his stick skills. Take away the conjecture and “what if’s” there’s nothing to grumble about. IF the others in the video were not OK with his activities, and IF he was outwardly contravening any restrictions of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Park then your finger wagging could in some way be validated.



Ta. I figured it out. Windows update and restart fixed it :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
And yes. This video is absolutely DISGUSTING - He’s using yaw far too much.


Yaw police :wink: