Is getting swamped with requests to fly my drone normal?

So, I joined this forum a few weeks ago with the full intention and hopes of being a very active member. And today is the first time I’ve had time to actually sit and enjoy the conversations here since I joined.

I am getting swamped with requests to fly my drone. I spent this afternoon helping on a pet search and rescue to find a lost dog (I didn’t find it myself, but it was found). I’ve had a school geography teacher ask for local aerial photos to use in class, a local equestrian centre needed some overhead pictures for future planning meetings, a local news publication wanting photos of the area, a historical society project that would benefit from aerial photos, plus various other “my house”, “my street” and so on requests.

Well, for those that are non-profit / charity, I’ve done my best to help and accommodate them. But darn my Facebook never stops!

So as the title asks, is this normal?
How are the rest of you handling the barrage of “oh you have a drone… could you [insert request]”?



Explain I don’t do it for free.


They’ll soon leave you alone then :laughing:


Beggers? Or the companies that register as charites, but beg.

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Wish I got those kind of requests. Haha


I think most of us avoid Facebook. It’s either one or the other. They hate you until you can help them.

I think YouTube and Instagram tends to be the socials of choice while allowing a level of anonymity that Facebook doesn’t allow. (Because drone pilots are obviously all perverts) but building a following is hard work. Using the right #’s in your posts should garner some attention as well as some bots.

Ultimately it comes down to your level of insurance if doing it by the book. If you have hobbyist insurance you can’t sell your pictures
/videos for a profit. Commercial insurance and you can.

I would suggest you stick to whatever ethics you have whilst trying to be polite. Local newspaper will happily use your pics to their advantage but will be the first to write a story from residents complaining about drones. In fact the pictures may garner unwanted attention from residents not on Facebook and councillors, but depends on the councillors I guess and if they even bother with their local press. Again will turn on you when it suits them to keep a minority of complainers happy.

I’m sure if you explain it’s just a hobby you have a la standard photography/fishing etc something they can relate too in terms of time involved whilst juggling a proper job/family life and you don’t have time to do every request you receive they will hopefully understand.


Or tell them it’s £1000 per day, billed in half days


In fact if the local rag website is xxxxxlive tell them they can only have the pics if they don’t use a click bait headline and strip all advertisements from the pages with your pictures. :smirk:

If they want a picture of you ensure you’re doing the standard compo pose. So Facebook readers can then write hilarious comments.

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Great answers all, thanks for taking the time to respond.

Love the £1,000 per day line. That had me laughing. Though I’d stain my pants if someone ever said “deal” in response to it. lol.

I did agree to a couple of requests, as it gave me the opportunity to fly on some private land I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. Plus some other benefits. So that was fun.
But I am finding I’m having to explain I’m a hobbyist a lot to people. I may have a banner made, it may be easier, lol.

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Take off tax, insurance and expenses and it’s not that good a rate.

Anyone who will pay £500 for a wedding cake, £2500 for a wedding dress, shouldn’t cringe at £1000 for some decent photos/video.

Damn even the dude driving the old Rolls for an hour tops won’t give you any change out of a monkey,

Digital really did kill photography, for those of us classically trained :wink:

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The dude driving the old Rolls has a substantial investment in his motor and, if he is making money out of it he needs specialist insurance and probably council licensing. Unless he is doing it a “friend of the family” (cough) and the bride’s father slips him a thick brown envelope at the reception …


I had to laugh last week- Mathmos is next door to my work (how the f*** they still making ridiculous money escapes me!) but anyway, they had a full on camera crew complete with gorgeous presenter doing something media in there.
No expense spared by the look of it, big cameras/crew etc and then at the end of the day one of the camera guys gets his big expensive looking metal flight case out…and produces a mini… takes it up for a flight check… and then it started to rain ! We didn’t laugh, honest…

Nice to know it isn’t just me still rocking the mini, albeit in better weather !

.live sites are Reach plc aka Express, Mirror, Star. Just tell them where to shove their free request, same for anything JP Media related.

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I’m using a DJI Mavic Mini, I love it.
I keep it in the car so if an opportunity should arise, out it comes. Allotment parties, community events, housing estates that look interesting from above.

I’d be lost without my Mini.

Do love my mini as well, and also keep in boot! Do wish had bought the mini 2 at the time (as was this year!) Good investment :slight_smile:


When I’m struggling in a bit of wind or interference, I yearn for the mini 2… Then remind myself of the cost and the fun I have with the mini !