Is it still worth buying a Mavic Pro 2 in 2021?

Looking to upgrade from my mavic mini, is the Pro 2 still a good option with rumours of a Pro 3 & the future changes to UK legislation?

Just bought the Air 2S, gonna use Article 16. Combined with Mini 2, hopefully i’m covered. Guess you would be in the same position with the pro 2

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Do you need to upgrade?

We’re over half way through the year, I’d probably wait for a potential Mini 3 in November, or something completely new from DJI to replace the Mavic 2.

There are of course other manufacturers that sell drones :wink:


That’s an excellent shout :+1:t2:


Unless the Pro 3 is given one of the the new C class marks then it’s likely to face the same problems with upcoming regulation changes as any other drone over 250g. It will become a legacy drone and be unable to be flown in anything other than the A3 Open category once the transition period comes to an end.


That’s if they even make a Mavic Pro 3 :blush:


To be honest, after SWMBO’s accident it was buy a second Mini 2 for her or treat myself…
Mini2 = Wow

The M2P is a truly awesome drone and yes potentially after January it’s going to be legacy but so is every other drone over 250grms and can still be flown legally in the countryside, there is some really good prices on second hand M2Ps many with shed loads of extras. I’ve had my M2P for over a couple of years now and it’s still fantastic to fly , I do also have a mini 2 and that is my under 250grms and that’s highly recommend to but I wouldn’t be buying any new drone above 250 grams until they come with the CE classification if that does ever happen but I would recommend a good second hand M2P .

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and the photo/video quality from it is AWESOME! :+1: :grinning:


Truly it is

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True but using Article 16 if your flight is recreational for any legacy drone allows much more freedom or have I missed something?

Hi, Last time i checked it would have been better to have a legacy drone as it will allow you to fly without being tied down unless your doing it commercially. Is this right?

@kvetner Help. Your knowledge is needed.
I’m on holiday, drinking wine and getting very confused.
None of the above is relevant, I’m bragging!!

To help you understand if, when, what, where you can fly after Dec2022, here we have a simple? chart.

Categories_a_legacy_drone_may_be_flown_in.pdf (111.4 KB)

You can also download and read to your heart’s content the following:
CAP 2003 EU Drone Rules Factsheet V7 1
CAP 2004 EU Drone Rules Factsheet V7 2
CAP 2005 EU Drone Rules Factsheet V7 3
CAP 2006 EU Drone Rules Factsheet V7 4
CAP 2007 EU Drone Rules Factsheet V7 5
CAP 2008 EU Drone Rules Factsheet V7 6
CAP 2012 EU Drone Rules Factsheet V7 7

You can also read the following 26 pages of rivetting literary genius known as " CAP 2013 - The 2020 amendment to the Air Navigation Order 2016- Guidance for Unmanned Aircraft users"

These should cover all of your questions!

Enjoy and sleep tight!


But …Recreational flying under Article 16???

Mentions legacy drones ‘included’

The CAA Model Aircraft Article 16 Authorisation (UAS 7068) is only valid until 31/12/21, so anything could happen after that runs out!