Is this a fault?


I only got my MP about six weeks ago and loaded what I assume is the latest FW before before I started flying. At first I thought if might be related to wind gusts, then lack of a steady hand on the sticks.

I’m just in Hertfordshire, so not near anyone!



Welcome to Grey Arrows by the way @colinbm :grin:

Strange though… it didn’t occur to me that it might be a hardware fault on the controller, and I’m not sure it can be either because if it was a hardware issue it would happen all the time, regardless of connection modes.

So perhaps it’s a firmware issue?

Are you guys running mismatched? Is your drone running a different fw version to that of your remotes?

This would definitely be my next step (after trying with no device connected) :+1:

@JJN not sure where you’re based but I’m sure a fellow GADC would be willing to let you try their remote on your drone?


Had a brief opportunity to test today.

I can confirm that the yaw freeze occurs even WITHOUT a phone connected and GO4 running - controller only. It also occurs on either direction of rotation.

This fault is quite intermittent. Could I ask people who have not seen it before/yet to try a quick test - something to do once you are home and have a bit of battery life spare. Hover about 3 meters up and 3 meters away, then apply a constant, slow yaw deflection in either direction. You probably need to watch the screen, not the drone, to spot the issue. It could take anything up to 10 rotations to see it, or it might happen straight away. It’s not the sort of maneuver that everyone will do regularly, if at all, so maybe it’s more common than people think.

Still to try - Sports mode, obstacle detection off, recheck Cinematic and Tripod mode - any other suggestions?


(apologies for diverging topic)

Ugh, well my story is getting more complicated. DJI are saying my Mavic is physically damaged. I was flying it immediately prior to the return, and was having no problems. There was no occurrence which would have caused that damage.

Now raging as being held to ransom for £80 for damage that I’m pretty sure I didn’t cause.


Been there, had that. Other than mine was a £280 bill!
Some minor scratches as a result of landing on sharp shoreline rocks was as a result of “a crash”, they claimed.
A long list of parts needed … which is strange, since the reason it went to them was NOTHING to do with any of the parts they listed.
What’s more, other than the one small/niggling problem (that only occurs sometimes when using filters - the reason it went back) … there’s never been a single problem with the MP before or since!


Could it have happened in transit to them? I assume they expect you to use the original packing (or better), which is why I’ve kept mine.


Mine went back, via HobbyMounts, in packaging other than the original - but that wasn’t an issue.
Basically, they were looking for ANY reason to decline the warranty issue.

This I know, since, two new motors (!?!?!) and both front arms replaced (!?!?!), and whatever else was listed, was never going to change a gimbal twitchiness when using filters.

As and when I need repairs, I’ll do my own, I think.
Which reminds me … I must look out on eBay for crashed MPs to gather a stock of parts … :wink:


Ugh :frowning:

It’s possible, though I used the same packaging that they sent it to me in after my first return. Plenty of bubble wrap in a box.

They actually specifically say the original packaging alone is not enough… though I no longer have that anyway.

They also appear to now be blanking me by email, so I can’t even enter into dialogue with them about it. I’ll see if I get anything from them today.


I take it back - I just had a phone call from DJI China. He’s going to have a discussion with the repair centre, and I can expect to see an update by Monday. Fingers crossed.


That’s a bit more encouraging!


They are probably hoping you will just pay it.

The pic you posted the rear arm has been forced upwards beyond its range of travel. Rear arms are not intended to have any upward force hence the small landing gear on rear body.
You’d know if you caused that unless your using some sort of landing gear on rear arms.

I’d not even trust them to be looking at correct drone.

Stick to your guns and take it all the way.


But, again, like mine … that damage has absolutely nothing to do with the fault being reported. #WarrantAvoidanceTactics #TheresAPatterHere


Yeah that’s the worrying thing.

They quote for unrelated damage and no mention of the issue it was sent in for.

Would be pretty pissed if I paid the ransom and got it back with same fault.


No progress yet, so I’ve paid up in the hope I might have it back for the weekend (not a lot of hope).

Will continue to contest the issue, but I’m wasting perfect weather at the moment.


I’d probably have done the same mate.

Did they say if they were replacing the RC as well ?


Please keep us posted Colin. The inconsistent Yaw issue is still plaguing me but before I take it up with DJI I’d love to hear what a new controller does :slight_smile:


Come on! There must be other members in Hertfordshire that can help out here?


I meant to do a multiple rotation pan when I was out the other day - but forgot.

Just remember that I posted this at the end of February, and shows there to be no hesitations.

a) this was (probably) max yaw speed - and the problem may be only related to slow yaw speeds.
b) whilst I’m on modded firmware now, this was whatever I was using at the time ( v01.04.0100 I think, I hadn’t updated since Oct/Nov '17) with Android Go4 v 4.2.6.

Edit: Have you checked at max yaw speed to see if the problem goes?
If it does, it might suggest a failing sensor on the controller stick giving a glitch output. This could make a lot of sense. Also why testing with another controller would also make a lot of sense.


Good idea to use a vertical gimbal position to test - I’ll run some at full speed later today.

I’m fully with you on the possibility of a control stick issue - is there a tutorial you can recommend showing how to get the flight data out of the drone - I’ve got DJI assistant loaded now.


Ah - yes - hadn’t thought about that aspect. But not sure it would make any difference.

The gimbal is still “gimballing” in the yaw axis even when in a vertical camera position.

BUT … with the camera in horizontal everything will be zipping past as fast as … so difficult to spot.
So - fast fps so you can slow down to watch for a glitch.