Is this drone lube just snake oil?

Advertised on eBay - Drone quadcopter racing motor, propellor, lubricant & oil. Rubber & plastic safe. All the maintenance schedules I have seen don’t mention the use of a product like this. Has anyone used it and does it do any good?

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I’d shy away from any oiling of the motors the bearings are sealed with the correct oil.

Thin oil will simply flash out the oil leading to premature wear of the bearings.

I have a bearing manufacturer close by who advised against oiling sealed bearing, I found out as I used to buy helicopters bearings from them and asked about oiling intervals.

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This :+1:

Lost count of the amount of bearings I’ve changed over the years where someone has tried to pump grease into a sealed bearing.

If it’s shielded (sealed), leave it alone.

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Replacing the bearing is very easy, dismantle the motor, pop in the oven at about ~90 degrees for 10 min then drift the bearing out. I use an appropriate sized socket from my socket set. The hardest part is finding the right bearing size.