Isle of Man - Crown Dependencies

I know that Drone Scene is for UK only, just wondering are the Crown Dependencies of Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey allowed? I suspect not as I can find nothing on the Isle of Man but just want to be sure.

I may be traveling to the Isle of Man for a few days next month.

In the Isle of Man we have a CAA document CP4 which has a couple of differences to CAP 722, but it is similar.
PDF is available for downloading

Welcome to Grey Arrows @Manxmarauder :slight_smile:

Have you got a link you can share with everyone?

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My question is not really about the rules of flying there, just a yes or no if we can add locations to drone scene? :slight_smile:

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Two main areas to avoid are the Prison and 5km of the Airport and above 400 feet.

Not aware of any others apart from when the TT race is on.

And the airport 5km exclusion does not apply to drones under 250g, see Isle of Man CP4 sections 4 and 5.1.

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No - currently, and foreseeably.

Since this thread has provided useful information for anyone considering travelling to IoM to fly, it has been moved to #travel-and-flying-abroad

Thanks, I thought that was the case as there currently aren’t any but just wanted to make sure.

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Had great weekend in the Isle of Man. Have flown at Douglas, Port Erin, Port St Mary and Laxey. Currently at Castletown but can’t fly here without an unlocking code, will have to look in to it for a future trip, the airport 5km exclusion doesn’t apply to sub 250g drones in IOM.

Hoping to get another flight in Douglas this evening.

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Wind has picked up, no evening flight.