Isle of Wight

Has anyone flown on IOW, do they have different rules and regs, or any other restrictions that I should be aware of? Many thanks.

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The IoW is part of the UK - so same rules.


Pick your time and place, should be alright. Some nice site’s on the island.

Thanks just checking because bye laws do differ.

Bye laws don’t have any jurisdiction on airspace.

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But they do on the bit of terra frema that one is occuping!!

Of course that’s why we take off from public land wherever possible, or land that isn’t controlled by bye-laws restricting or banning drones.

Fully aware of that, but thanks for your very valid in put!

While holidaying in the IoW I asked the owner of the digs where we were staying (yes I asked!) but the owner wasn’t happy about it me flying over other properties in the vicinity… so I didn’t, but I did manage a nice coastal run with my Mavic Pro and Litchi waypoints. See my vid…

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Looks brill thanks for the positive feed back.

The South coast of the Isle of Wight is a SSSI, does that have an impact on drone flying?