ISO settings

When taking still photos during the day what ISO settings do you use?

I’ve changed the image type to JPEG & RAW and currently got the ISO on 100.

  1. White balance, do you use custom or stick to Sunny, cloudy etc.
  2. Style, do you change these or use landscape etc.
  3. Shutter speed & ISO, i assume these are constantly changing depending on what you are taking photos of.

Hi keep the ISO as low as possible i.e. 100 no more than 400 at the death, me personally use custom white balance but if you are shooting RAW it doesn’t really matter…

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As someone new to the RAW DNG format, can you tell me why this is mate?

Thanks, will be having a play around tomorrow.

Me and my dyslexia it should say matter ha ha…
The white balance setting doesn’t affect the image data in the RAW file, but the setting is recorded in the meta data in the file, so you can still use it to process the RAW image if you like.