Issue when creating a new flight report

Just went to log a flight report & there is nothing else going on there, I booked my flight successfully through drone scene but, when I cross referenced it with the altitude angel app it said something like ( not planned, or no authorisation ) so I cancelled it to start again, now every time I try to re log I get this error, It won’t let me re log the same time & location, even tho I’ve cancelled / refreshed it, on the drone scene it told me successfully booked but, on altitude angel as said above, ( meaning the first time I logged it ), I have no log as of now, as stated above.

Defiantly nothing active.

Kirky, seriously mate, you need to stop deleting everything you create :confused:

We can’t help you with anything to do with Altitude Angel, it’s not our app, we can’t and don’t support it.

And we can’t help you with anything that’s been deleted either because, well, it’s been deleted.

Your first screen Drone Scene screen shot, the red banner across the top is telling you that you’re trying to create a new flight report within the same time / date range as one of your existing flight reports. Naturally you can’t fly in two places at the same time.

Your second screen shot which looks to be about 20 minutes later says you have no planned flights booked anywhere at any time.

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Have you tried to create a flight report since then, while there are no active flights currently planned?

@PingSpike , ok thankyou for that, the only reason it was deleted ( this time ) as I mentioned, drone scene said it was all good but the actual a angel app said otherwise 100%, or I would have not deleted it for sure, so I thought maybe a glitch.

You’ll have to contact them for issues with their app mate, we can only help with Drone Scene :slight_smile:

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Ok thankyou for your help @PingSpike , do I really need that other app ? Also I could delay it for later in the day.

Probably not :thinking:

I don’t know what else you have planned for later in your day :blush:

Sorry I meant my flight :smiley:

I’m reckoning there’s some kind of glitch, as I’ve now just had an email saying about my planned flight is all good but, the one which was cancelled.

Drone Scene doesn’t send out any emails, you must have created the flight on another app?

Nope, hand on heart, that was submitting flight report through drone scene as we discussed the other day,
So I checked the A Angel app as stated above & the report was sat there but basically a no go, so I went back to drone scene & cancelled what was saying all good but showing different on other as said, shortly after an email with my flight plan, which I have here but is obviously cancelled, so I’m confused, I don’t know how to create a flight plan in A Angel either.

Edit : it states created on grey arrows drone scene.

If you create a flight plan with Dronescene you don’t get any acknowledgement via email
The flight plan will be logged in Dronescene and Altitude Angel

If you then use Altitude Angel you can then edit the flight plan

You can then adjust the flight circle diameter and enter the max height

When this is done a Pre Flight report is generated and a link is available
Also an email will be sent from Altiude Angel


Which as I have repeatedly said & thankyou, when I crossed referenced it with the app it was saying no, so I done as stated above.

I created a flight report on Drone Scene and didn’t get an email (rightly so, it doesn’t send any).

I then edited that flight in the AltAng app and it sent me an email.

I have no idea why they’re sending emails when editing a report, must be something in their app I guess :person_shrugging:t2:


Again I can honestly say, I created all as said above with no mistakes !, I am vey carful when using drone scene as I know what it means to you guys, others that use it too & myself, I would not jeopardise that in anyway, if I was not sure I’d walk away & ask as I did the other day, I appreciate your input @PingSpike & @Sparkyws

Edit : I have tried to contact A Angel which is my hometown telephone number but there’s no reply, probably because it’s a bank holiday.

Hi mate, I don’t want to make this thread any longer than it needs too be,

Everything I’ve outlined is correct to my knowledge but, when I see in the AA app it was basically a no go as compared to what drone scene was saying, I did try to see if it gave me an option within the AA app to see if it showed authorise as per drone scene by way of edit, it would not let me confirm it & I was trying to abide by the rules, otherwise I wouldn’t be having this conversation now,
so with that I thought somethings not right here, altitude Angel supports drone scene or vice a versa, it’s not showing authorised so I had better try & cancel it as I don’t want to risk making a mistake or wandering into FRZ without permission.