Issues Connecting Samsung Tab A tablet to MP

Hi guys, really need some help!! I have an old Samsung tablet I want to use with my mavic pro. I have a galaxy tab A(2016). 5.1.1 version. It’s been de-bugged and both tablet and DJI GO4 are up to date. I’ve watched 1 video that’s mentioned by problem but this hasn’t fixed the problem so hoping some of you may be able to help.
When everything is plugged in and up and running in not getting a view from the drones camera coming up on the tablet! Just a black screen, everything else is there, map, and all info just no picture from the drones camera. I’ve brought new leads USB3 that the video mentioned but still nothing. Hope you can help. Thank you.

Whilst DJI’s list of compatible devices isn’t a complete and comprehensive list of ALL those that will work, it is a pretty good guide for those of the major manufacturers … and the Samsung Tab A isn’t listed there.

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I’m presuming all is ok with another device?

I seem to remember that you have to allow the tab permissions to everything in order for it to run.

I’d try remove fully, re install and let it have whatever permissions it wants

Gotta be worth 5 minutes of your life

Seems to be the problem, that’s a pain. I saw that I needed 5.0 version or bigger but didn’t look too see if my tablet was up there. Cheers

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Yeah did reboot the tablet too its original form, I think the other reply to my problem could be the answer, my tablet doesn’t seem compatible

Did you unplug the small usb cable at the side?

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Yeah, that didn’t work either. I think it was the fact that the tablet wasn’t compatible. It’s all good now though, i brought my sons i pad.

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Glad you got yourself sorted

Yeah cheers, I always seem to have issues with technology.

technology is the greatest thing in the world , when it doesn’t its the worst

Yes it is, especially now as I have another slight issue! When my mobile was plugged into the controller whilst flying, pictures and video were transferred straight to the phone. With the ipad, this doesn’t! Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions. Thank you

Yup - using Apple/iOS. :rofl:


Yeah thought as much, bloody hate them.


check the app , there maybe an option of where to save images and video , either on the drone or ipad