It finally happened


I meant, who fixed the camera? :blush:


No-one , couldn’t find anybody and DJI were to expensive and no repair shop in this country.
Bought one secondhand £630.
Prop mount is wrong one ,I bought a 1345S and need 1345T which no-one has ,can get one from China would arrive Jan 31st


Quick update on progress , now have to correct propeller mounts (fitting Friday) but noticed that the left boom arm is damaged at the joint where 1 becomes 2 ,the plastic is cracked and the arms move a bit . Considered gluing but if and when I sell would reduce value and don’t want a mid air fracture, so purchased new boom arm (£20 ) off heliguy (this place has helped me out a few times and always very reasonable and prompt) To be fitted Friday, probably going to take 4 hrs plus but work are letting me do it in work time so can’t grumble and that should be it (fingers, toes and earlobes crossed)


I’m a Heliguy fan too. I’ve noticed from time to time they seem to bottom out the prices on i1 spares, end of life I guess :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the updates mate - requesting photos of the rebuild please :blush:


Didn’t go well, had to take day off as work tried to re assign me to something else . I have replaced the arm but what a pain, getting the cables back up the arms and into the proper openings. Took 6 hrs and the massive disassemble there was virtually nothing left of the drone , lots of different sizes and types of screws and all with no instructions.

I have damaged the ribbon cable to the bottom camera/sensor, didn’t realise until it was to late that it stays put on the shell ,so when I tried to remove it ,it snapped the white connector at one end and the wires came out, put it back together and glued it but was back to front so now sensors don’t work so fails start up test and just sits there .

Tried to source a new cable, none on Ebay or any of my usual suppliers even tried DJI who told me to go away unless I send it to them for repair (mucho cost). I have found someone who will supply this 5cm cable for £30 or they repair £150. So I’m going to attempt partial diassemble and try and unglue the glue and turn it round.


Is it one of these @Gadgerman?

Cable on left is ten strands, one on the right is eight.

Any use?


They are camera gimbal cables. Just replaced those. The sensor cable has 5 strands. The cable on the right is what I did, pulled the wires out of connector ,just put them in back to front then glued.

Thanks anyway


All fixed, it’s ALIVE . Just left the end that was glued and pulled the wires out of the other end and reversed them back into the block and re-assembled . Turned on and self test, camera check and green tail-light. That’s it finished . I’m going to test fly tomorrow (very,very carefully)
Thanks for everyones help


Chris, before you fly…

Might be worth a recalibrating IMU and compass? I’m guessing you’ve already done the gimbal when the new camera arrived :blush:

Great news though mate, congrats on the repair :+1:t2:


Test flight delayed a day due to one of the new propellers being broken (out of the bag).
All okay but as a consequence of new camera had to use newest firmware and suffered horrendous
image breakup. So tomorrow will downgrade back to ver 14 to sort image probs


Job done mate, nice one :smiley: