It means the same but

I was out scouting for tennis courts with people playing for the competition this morning. You can see in the photo that in this particular park they don’t allow ‘any remote controlled aerial devices’.

I don’t know if it’s is just me, but I found the wording much less ‘anti- drone’. It seemed to be more focussed on safety as it clearly includes RC model aircraft.

I know it means the same, but I did feel less targeted as a drone flyer, though still trying to find a tennis court with people playing on it!!!


Did you manage to read it after taking the necessary pics? :wink:

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As it happens no one was there. Chances are that if anyone was playing I probably would have made the flight first! Only happened to read the sign as I had a wander with my coffee!

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For such occasions a long pole onto which you can mount the M2P might be useful. After all - the exif doesn’t provide motor info. :wink:

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Got to stick to the rules, drone must be flying, not just in the air! :smile:


One of these, and it can be, and it’s not “remote controlled”. :+1:


There’s a park in Little Chalfont that myself, @nigeljohnson73 and @MiMo28 visited a couple of months ago… I think we all posted a few pics. Went there the day before, spoke to a couple of members from the council that were cutting the cricket pitch. They said no issues with flying, just stay away from people etc. No mention of anything about Drones or flying on the signage at the main entrance.

About 3 weeks ago whilst on a bike ride, I entered the park from another much smaller entrance and there was a really old small, rusty sign that said ‘no flying of model aircraft’. I reckon if I called the council they might well tell me no flying but I think I was well within my rights to fly there given the diligence we undertook to that point. Probably won’t go back there now but it is a big, useful space for practicing the basics at 7am before it started to get busy.


I do normally check if it’s a park, as i know a few don’t like it. I can understand it more with RC Model aircraft, as beginners with those can be dangerous and make just as much noise.

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You should be ok if your not working…

Two things struck me. No remote-controlled aerial devices - a control line model aircraft gets around that!

Dogs … not allowed to foul the recreation ground, Please use the bins provided. So they can’t foul the ground then have the excrement picked up in a poo bag. You have to hold the dog over a bin and wait?

I’m not coming up to Rowlands Castle! Me and the wee doggie are staying on Hayling (where the tennis court is just round the corner :slight_smile: )

Reminds me of the Guy who went to the Council Refuse tip here in Norwich, to get rid of some bags of rubbish “You can’t dump them here ,mate” said the Council Worker
(His response)
“Well ?, it’s like this, would you like me to dump them here, or I can have them on City Hall Steps in less than 10 minutes?”.
Where did they end up…
City Hall Steps !!.
His point was “what is the difference between Refuse, and Rubbish?”

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That’s true and these are also allowed within FRZ’s

Thanks, I hadn’t thought of Hayling tennis courts with a nice big field next to it…:wink:

Wot, no firearms?
You wont get shot down then. Who are these people? Real killjoys.
Just go for it on a one off basis but do not fly from the actual park and you’ll be fine!

I get the idea that sign was put up pre drone days. There were days when I’d be desperate to find places to fly model planes and helis. Tennis court… Perfect.

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