Italy - Amalfi Coast

I am off to Italy’s Amalfi coast on Sunday and have been spending time researching the rules for flying drones over there and it seems every website I visit contradicts every other website about what the regulations are and when they start from. Does anyone have any idea about what can and cannot be done when I get there? Youtube has many videos of drones flying over Italy but they are mostly from before Covid so I think the regualtions may have changed since they were posted, possibly in July 2020 but I cant find anything to confirm this.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Firstly… you lucky bugger! One of my favourite places on the planet, and with a drone, you’re going to get some amazing footage! Be sure to post some of it here.

A good source of info when travelling with your bird is:,concerts%2C%20and%20other%20large%20events.%20More%20items...%20

I’ve used successfully in Eastern European countries. Of course, its best to check with each countries CAA equivalent, but UAVCoach provides the necessary links to these. Use Bing or Google Translate to translate the local pages.

I would not personally rely on individuals on YouTube and the like. Stick with official authorities for information. I’ve not read about Italy, but I had fun in LT where the rules are more relaxed than here (1km line of sight, and can fly closer to towns and airports at lower levels - an idea we could do with bringing into the UK I reckon!).

Have fun…!

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I’m sure @ianinlondon done a a video on his youtube channel flying there , lovely place hope you get some awesome flights.

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Amalfi is great, and I’ve never had any issue flying there. But, I have an Italian license (and dutch, and swiss, and german, and french, etc), and there is a process to get yourself registered and get your aircraft registered (if you like frustration). With a small one like a Mavic, I wouldn’t bother much with it, but just for the record, and since you asked the question, you ideally need to:
Register with ENAC (rules are here:
Register with D-Flight (
Set up your online account - steps are here :
Associate your drone.
Buy ‘d-coins’ and activate your QR code, then either print it or buy a print for your drone and controller. €6
Activate your drone with d-flight
Become an SAPR Operator

Import certificate of compliance and harmlessness. (it’s a real thing)

… but wait, there’s more! You will need to download the maps and register your flight beforehand if the airspace is controlled or if your are a “Pro” operator - which costs more and gives you additional flying possibilities.

but I wouldn’t worry with all this. Lots of small drone operators fly with no problem, as long as your are safe, and don’t annoy people or fly over their heads, etc etc, you’re probably fine.


As I am going the day after tomorrow its probably a bit late now anyway. :smiley: But thanks for the Info - I will probably just try and keep a low profile and keep out of everybody’s way and I will post anything good on here when I come back

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Thanks for all that detail, @chiuki ! :+1:

You’ll be fine. Nobody has ever stopped me, complained, or threatened anything. More often than not someone will be curious and want to talk about drones, where you’re from, etc. (but at least you know the process now :see_no_evil: )

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I flew Italy extensively last summer on my Cruise around the Med.
I found that if you can get on a small pier or outcrop of land you should have no problem.
Just stay away from people in general and you will be fine.
I had great fun and did not encounter any problems over my two weeks.

Should you have problems?.