Its arrived

Its arrived, :grin:landing pad ordered @PingSpike, leg extensions ordered @OzoneVibe
Now all I need is good weather.
Cheers all

Oh and thanks again @PingSpike as DJI have sorted my DJI care plan out


Excellent news Barry!

Now we just need some decent weather :slight_smile:

Is this your first Drone?

I think @m2bfx has a DJI Spark too?

And this is his second Mavic Air :open_mouth:

Hi @Datadogie, my first ever was Spark, which I only had for two weeks and hardly flown, in fact I have never flown a drone in my life. Then DJI bring out the AIR, so It had to be done. The Air then had an issue with the lens, it had a soft spot on the right side. So it had to go back and I got a replacement. Still have both for now, but will sell spark in the summer.

My first too. When I first seen the Air I wanted. Tried hard to put off buying it, but in the end could not resist and I hate spending money. Do not think this will sit in the back of the cuboard like some of my other gadgets.

Gadgets…yep everyone at works and waits for me to sell all my toys cheap. I am known for spending a fortune then getting rid after a few months

I was the same when buying the Mavic pro. Thought to myself how often do I go places that I will actually use it and worried it would end up in a cupboard like everything else.

Got to say its the best thing I’ve ever bought. Gets me going out of my way to places I wouldn’t have went.
Constany checking weather to see where I’m taking it when the weekend arrives.

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I have to say that I used my 3 months in Italy to justify purchasing the MP, after my P2/H33D/GoPro languished little used.

With the MP, I soon realised that the lack of FPV had been the main reason I’d “run out of things to do” with the P2 (… other than titting about in full manual mode :stuck_out_tongue: )

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