It's quiet...TOO quiet

Hello all…

Mav here, just wanting to say Helloooo!

Please put your shout out too so we can see who is about.

I’ve owned a Mavic Pro for a couple of months now but haven’t had anywhere near as many flights as I’d like.
I need to correct that of course.

Anyway…that’ll do for now. :grin:


Hi @Maverick :smiley:

Where about’s are you based?

Welcome to the Grey Arrows Drone Club :slight_smile:

What’s up @Maveric (I sound so American - I’m not)

Nice to have you onboard

NW UK…Just up the M6 from you I think :slight_smile:

s’all good bro’

Just heading into a much needed weekend off work :phew:

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Hey @Maverick, nice to meet you. We got Goose, Viper, Iceman and the other guys coming along soon? :grin:

What’s this? A Top Gun reunion or something? :smiley:

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Spike sounds like he could be in our Top Gun Crew…shall we give him honorary membership?